Education and Training

  • “New Six Arts”Excellent Traditional Culture Series Courses of Confucius Academy Began

    From March 16 to 17, the “new six arts” excellent traditional culture series courses of the national primary and secondary school students’ research and study education base of Confucius Academy officially started in the Palace of Learning Six Arts of Guiyang Confucius Academy. Nearly 100 primary school students aged from six to ten learned chanting and calligraphy in Confucius Academy to experience the beauty of traditional culture.

  • Taichi Experimental Course Opened at Confucius Academy

    On September 9, the Taichi Experimental Course advanced by Confucius Academy Chinese Chanting Promoting Center was opened at the Six Arts Center of Confucius Academy. Trainees of varied age groups followed LUO Shilong, Secretary General of Guizhou Taichi Association and Distinguished Taichi Teacher of Confucius Academy to learn Taichi and experience the wisdom of Taichi.

  • The First Advanced Training Course of Research and Creation of Chinese Calligraphy on Bamboo Slip and Silk Opened at Confucius Academy

    On July 6, the First Advanced Training Course of Research and Creation of Chinese Calligraphy on Bamboo Slip and Silk co-sponsored by Hunan University Research Center of Chinese Calligraphy on Bamboo Slip and Silk, Guiyang Confucius Academy Culture Communication Center and Hunan Museum opened at Confucius Academy. 36 trainees from across China will implement

  • Confucius Academy Holds Training for Primary School Faculty on Chanting Traditional Cultures

    On January 18, the chanting training for primary school faculty at Confucius Academy completed as scheduled. Four hundred and fifty excellent trainees have participated in the Test for Elementary Teacher Qualification of Chinese Chanting after training. Those qualifiers may acquire the Elementary Teacher’s Qualification of Chinese Chanting certificate jointly issued

  • Thousand of Primary School Teachers Learning to Chant the Classics in Confucius Academy

    On January 14, the Training for Primary School Teachers to Chant Traditional Culture co-sponsored by Guiyang Municipal Bureau of Education and the Culture Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy officially opens. 500 primary school Chinese teachers from varied places will attend a 5-day systematic training for Chinese chanting and teaching method of chanting. XU Jianshun and LIU Qinyi as well as other famous chanting experts