Public Lectures

  • Famous Cultural Scholar Gu Jiu Gave a Lecture on Yangming Culture and its Contemporary Value

    On the morning of June 19, the 897th public welfare lecture on the traditional culture of Confucius Academy, which was also the 49th lecture on Yangming Culture, was successfully held in Minglun Hall of Confucius Academy. The keynote speaker was Mr. Gu Jiu, a professor at the College of Liberal Arts of Guizhou Normal University. Mr. Gu is a famous cultural scholar and was formerly Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Peoples Congress of Guizhou Province, Chairman of the Guizhou Provincial Committee of China Democratic League, Chairman of the Guizhou Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Dean of the Guizhou Provincial Institute for Culture and History. The theme of the lecture was Yangming Culture and its contemporary value. Professor Deng Guoyuan of the Academy of Chinese Culture at Guizhou University served as the academic moderator of this lecture.

  • Live Broadcasts of Confucius Academys Traditional Culture Public Welfare Lectures via Tencent Meeting

    At 9:30 a.m. on March 19, Mr. Liu Li, a well-known media figure and cultural event planner gave the 875th public welfare lecture of Confucius Academy. It was understood that it was the first time that Confucius Academy broadcasted live a lecture via Tencent Meeting. Under the theme of The Activation of Traditional Culture from the Perspective of Communication, Mr. Chen Yanbo, Dean, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of the College of Philosophy and Social Development of Guizhou University was invited by Confucius Academy to preside over the academic part.

  • Ecological Wisdom and Eco-Civilization Lecture of Confucius Academy Delivered

    On September 11, the first lecture on Ecological Wisdom and Eco-Civilization of Guiyang Confucius Academy was delivered. With the theme of Ecological Changes and Environmental Protection in the History of China, Mr. Zhang Quanming, a well-known expert in ecological and environmental history and former professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of History and Culture of Central China Normal University, elaborated on the topic from three aspects, namely changes of ecological environment, overall assessment of such changes, and protection of the ecological environment in the history of China.

  • A Discussion on Dao and Wu(Nonbeing) of Laozi

    On the afternoon of July 24th, the 845th public lecture on the traditional culture of Confucius Academy was held at the Six Arts Hall of Dacheng Jingshe. During the lecture themed with Dao Cannot Be Expressed in Words, nor Teachings Understood in Languages: A Discussion on Dao of Laozi, Professor Chen Xia from the Institute of Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, elaborated on Daoism that is always considered abstruse by ordinary people from six perspectives of the book of Laozi, Daoism among the various schools of thought, Daoism compared with Confucianism, the proposal of Dao, Dao and Wu (nonbeing), and Dao and Yan (talk). Following the main clues of Tao Te Ching and thought of Laozi, she explained to more than 100 audiences the wisdom in the philosophical thought of Laozi and Daoism and its enlightenment to the thinking and life of people in the contemporary era in simple terms.

  • Li Xin, Former Editor-in-chief of the SDX Joint Publishing Company, Delivered Lectures on Book Reading and Book Publishing

    On July 10th and 11th, Li Xin, the former editor-in-chief of the SDX Joint Publishing Company, delivered the 840th and 841st public lectures on traditional culture of Confucius Academy themed with the Way of Reading and Recalling the Past Forty Years of Publishing Books respectively.

  • Dedicated Introduction on Our National Anthem by Yu Hai, the Well-known Conductor

  • Xu Jing: A Great Turning Point Builds a Great Spirit (Special Lecture on the History of CPC by Confucius Academy)

    Guizhou, where the Chinese Workers and Peasants Red Army stayed for the longest time, is the province that witnessed the most important events and had the greatest significance during the Long March. The Army trekked across more than 60 cities, counties and districts in Guizhou, leaving behind rich red culture.

  • On Confucius Academys 800th Public Lecture , Professor Ding Weixiang, Master of Guan School, Took Audience into Zhang Zais World of Thought

    On the morning of November 15, Professor Ding Weixiang, Director of Institute of Guan School of Shaanxi Normal University and renowned expert in Guan School, took the stage to deliver a public lecture on traditional culture organized by Confucius Academy in Guiyang, marking a new milestone of the event series as the 800th session. More than 400 teachers, students from universities in Guiyang and local citizens walked into Minglun Hall of Confucius Academy to listen to Professor Dings lectured entitled Communicate with People Living Thousands of Years Ago: Zhang Zais World of Thought and explored Zhang Zais (also known as Zhang Hengqu) idea of making the world a better place.

  • LOU Yulie, a Master of Chinese Culture, Visiting Confucius Academy and Interpreting WANG Yangmings To the Conscience Thought

    LOU Yulie, a famous professor of Department of Philosophy and Institute of Chinese Studies of Peking University, and the honorary president of the Research Institute of Religious Culture of Peking University, visits Confucius Academy on June 23, and brings a lecture themed at WANG Yangmings To the Conscience Thought.

  • Guiyang Confucius Academy Welcomes the 600th Public Lecture on Traditional Cultures

    On July 1, Guizhou Confucius Academy welcomes the 600th public lecture on traditional cultures. Since its openiong in 2013, Confucius Academy continuously hold lecture at each weekend. Over the past 5 year and a half, there have been 600 public lectures held, 13 special lecture sub-brands promoted, 440 cultural scholars at home and abroad invited for lecturing, and nearly 240,000 audience present at the lectures.

  • Confucius Academy Special Training Institute for New Era Citizens Begins Lecturing

    On May 19, Special Training Institute for New Era Citizens CReflection on Culture Soft Power, Series of Lectures begins at Confucius Academy. Professor XU Qi, Lecturer and Honorary Chairman of Guizhou Provincial Literature Federation, Executive Chairman of Confucius Academy Academic Board, President of Guizhou Association of Philosophy, delivered the first lecture entitled On Cultural Confidence

  • Series of Lectures on Traditional Chinese Ethics Begin at Confucius Academy

    On June 24, the lecture by Professor JIAO Guocheng, with Renmin University of China School of Philosophy, on Way to Be Grown-up ---Basic Essence and Contemporary Value of Chinese Traditional Ethics was held at Confucius Academy, and also served as the first of Series of Lectures on Traditional Chinese Ethics carried out by Confucius Academy.It is known that since the official opening since 2013, Guiyang Confucius Academy has held nearly 600 public

  • Professor WANG Yiwei Lectured on the Belt and Road Initiative

    On August 3, 2018, the 5th lecture on history and culture for leading cadres in Guizhou Province in 2018 (the 24th in the lecture series) was held at Minglun Hall of Confucius Academy. WANG Yiwei, professor and doctoral supervisor of School of International Studies of Renmin University of China was invited to lecture on Belt and Road Initiative: Rebuilding China and the World.

  • No. 688 Lecture of Confucius Academy: Xu Qi Talked about Chinese Culture since Reform and Opening Up

    On April 20, 2019, No. 688 Guiyang Confucius Academy Traditional Culture Public Welfare Lecture was held as expected. Professor Xu Qi, Executive Chairman of the Academic Committee of Guiyang Confucius Academy, President of Guizhou Philosophy Society and Doctoral Supervisor, brought a special lecture on Theme and Diversity - Chinese Culture since the Reform and Opening Up. Over 600 citizens and college students

  • Qu Xiaosong Returned to His Hometown and Entered Guiyang Confucius Academy

    During Qingming Festival in April 2019, Guiyang music master Qu Xiaosong returned to his hometown and entered Guiyang Confucius Academy, where he held two music lectures with the respective themes of Appreciation and Analysis of the Song A Heart and Appreciation and Analysis of the Symphonic Choral Work Dunhuang Soul. In the lectures, Mr. Qu Xiaosong played multiple roles: speaker and singing guest. Sometimes he sang softly

  • Public ArtCUrban Spiritual Symbol and Artistic Soul

    Art originates from life but transcends it. It is closely related to public life. In particular, public art is common to people, but many familiar sculptures are not necessarily understood by people. Professor Ding Ning from the School of Arts of Peking University brought two wonderful art feasts to the citizens on March 16 and 17: Museums Without Walls - A Glimpse of Foreign Public Art (I and II).

  • Inheritance and Protection of Charming Dunhuang

    On March 23 and 24, 2019, Mr. Sun Hongcai, an expert from the Conservation Institute of Dunhuang Academy China and cultural relic photographer, gave a lecture entitled The Charm of Dunhuang and the Protection of Murals at Confucius Academy. A total of more than 300 audiences came to the site. In order to more vividly showcase the unfading and invaluable culture and art, Mr.

  • Lecture on Confucianism and Taoism by Mr. Feng Dawen

    On the mornings of June 22 and 23, No.705-706 sessions of the public lecture on traditional culture of Confucius Academy were held in Minglun Hall. Feng Dawen, Professor of the Department of Philosophy in Sun Yat-sen University, discussed the following themes: the evolution of Confucian values and its contemporary significance and Taoist critical spirit and its value. He talked freely about his experience in studying Confucianism and Taoism in decades. About 300 people of different professions attended the lectures mentioned above.

  • Scholar Sun Haoliang PresentedChinese Culture in Australia

    On the morning of June 2, Sun Haoliang, principal of XinJinShan Chinese Language School in Melbourne, Australia, gave a special lecture on Chinese Culture in Australia. More than 480 people, including citizens and students, listened to the lecture and spoke highly of it.Focusing on four aspects, including Chinese culture and the historical legends of the southern mainland, Chinese culture and the Gold Rush Era in the 19thcentury

  • Famous Writer A Lai Visited Guiyang Confucius Academy

    On the morning of April 27, A Lai, the famous writer of the novel The Dust Settles Down (䶨), winner of Mao Dun Prize for Literature and Lu Xun Literature Prize, visited Guiyang Confucius Academy and gave a lecture entitled Du Fu in Chengdu. This is the 690th public lecture on traditional culture held by Confucius Academy, and is also the first lecture in the series of Writers Forum held by Confucius Academy. There were over

  • Professor Wan Junren: Interpretation on Chinas Contemporary Social Development under the Traditional Culture

    On July 12, the 34th Lecture on History and Culture for Guizhou Provincial Leaders hosted by the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee Organization Department and the Party School of Guizhou Provincial Committee and organized by Guiyang Confucius Academy Culture Communication Center was held in Confucius Academy. Professor Wan Junren, Dean of Institute of Humanities, Tsinghua University, gave a lecture entitled Chinas Contemporary Social Development under the Chinese Traditional Culture. More than 300 cadres of the department level and the division level in Guizhou attended the lecture.

  • Dr. Huang Han gave a lecture with Secrets for Happiness

    Happiness means pleasure and satisfaction. On the morning of July 20, the 713th public welfare lecture of Guiyang Confucius Academy was held in Minglun Hall of Confucius Academy. Dr. Huang Han, professor of Social Psychology from Nanjing University and former emotional mentor of If You Are the One dating show, brought secrets for happiness to Confucius Academy to share with the audience about life and happiness with the theme of Happiness starts from the heart C stress management and psychological adjustment.

  • The 7th Confucius Academy C Lecture in Yangming Cave

    On July 18, the 7th Confucius Academy C Lecture in Yangming Cave was held in Yangming Cave in Xiuwen. This seminar is also one of the cultural activities at the summer camp of Plan of Passing Down of Guiyang Confucius Academy in 2019. All 25 young graduate students in the summer camp started a journey of learning and practicing in the place where Wang Yangming, a master of psychology, realized the truth.

  • A Sharing Session Held in the Confucius Academy by Zhang Liang, the First Chinese Completing the Heroic Adventure of 14+7+2

    14+7+2, which means reaching the worlds 14 8,000-meter peaks, climbing to the top of the highest mountains of the seven continents and arriving at the North Pole and South Pole through adventurous hiking and skiing, is widely recognized as the loftiest achievement in the adventure circle. Up to now, there are only two people in the world who have successfully completed the mission of 14+7+2 and one of them was Zhang Liang, a Chinese adventurer.

  • A Discussion on the Quintessence of the Poetry of the Song Dynasty by Professor Hu Xiaoming

    On the morning of August 8 and August 9, the 775th and 776th 2020 offline public lectures on traditional Chinese culture organized by Guiyang Confucius Academy were held at Mingde Room of Minglun Hall as scheduled. Hu Xiaoming,

  • Fan Tongshous Elaboration on Guizhou, Land Brimming with Color and Myth

    Mr. Fan pointed out that Guizhou boasted pre-historical brilliant civilization. As one of the cradles of ancient human civilization, Guizhou is home to more than a hundred Palaeolithic cultural sites nowadays. Almost all the representatives of every Palaeolithic culture can be found here, such as Guanyin Cave of Western Guizhou, Yanhui Cave in Tongzi, Xiaohui Cave in Shuicheng, Dadong Cave in Panxian County, Maomao Cave in Xingyi, Chuandong Cave in Puding, and Taohua Cave in Liuzhi, he added.

  • Confucius Academy Restore Offline Public Lectures on Traditional Culture: A Lecture on Wang Yangming Given by Professor Wang Xiaowei

    I havent attended the offline lectures for a long time. I learned a lot in a short time during todays lecture on Wang Yangming. Zhang Min, one of the audiences told the reporter as speaking of the long-lost offline lecture. The audience could come to the field, learn the subjects and enrich their knowledge on traditional culture through offline lectures.

  • Guizhou: The Origin of Eatable Chili Peppers in China

    On October 18, the 792th Confucius Academy Public Lecture on Traditional Culture was held at Mingde Room of Minglun Hall. Cao Yu, PhD in History, Postdoctoral in Anthropology and Associate Researcher of the Center for Migration & Ethnic Studies of Sun Yat-sen University, delivered a lecture themed with Guizhou: The Origin of Eatable Chili Peppers in China as a part of series of lectures on The History and Culture of Guizhou. More than 220 audiences, including students from Guizhou University, Guizhou Normal University, Guizhou University of Finance and Economics and citizens from all over the province participated in the event.

  • Professor He Bingwu Led Audience to Appreciate the Essence of Charming Chinese Calligraphy

    On September 12, the first Academic Workshop of Confucius Academy, sponsored by Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy and Development Foundation of Guizhou Provincial Confucius Academy, was held. It invited experts in Yangmings Theory from Sun Yat-sen University, Fudan University, Guizhou University, Guiyang University, Chinese Culture Promotion Society, and Promotion Society of Research of Yangmings Theory of Ningbo to conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions on the topic of Contemporary Value of Yangmings Theory. The event was presided over by Feng Dawen, Professor of the Department of Philosophy and Director of Institute of Zen and Chinese Culture of Sun Yat-sen University.

  • Professor Xu Xinjian Delivered Two Lectures at Confucius Academy

    On the morning of September 5, 2020, the 782th Public Lecture on Traditional Culture organized by Confucius Academy was held in Minglun Hall. In the lecture themed with Measure of History: Anthropology in the Anthropocene, Professor Xu Xinjian, Doctoral Supervisor of the College of Literature and Journalism of Sichuan University, shared his insightful opinions with nearly two hundred audiences from perspectives of temporal-spatial structure of all living things, anthropocentric chronology and anthropocene measured by the history of the earth. Professor Xu said that both subjective time and objective time are a measure accepted and shared in an area enriched by multiple ethnic cultures. The measure of history will be gradually communicated and shared through cultural exchanges with human cognition, and finally seek harmony and unity in diversity and coexist with each other through comparison. This is the best position, viewpoint and attitude of anthropology in such methodology.

  • Professor Xu Qi Elaborated on the Chinese Road

    On December 27th, Professor Xu Qi, who is popular among the audience, delivered the 814th public lecture on culture themed with To free the spirit from its cell: the twisty to open Chinese road at Confucius Academy, attracting local citizens and college and university students to participate in.

  • A Lecture on Cultural Confidence from the Global Perspective by Dr. Xiao Weiguang

    On the morning of June 29, No.707 session of public lecture on traditional culture was held in Minglun Hall, Confucius Academy. Xiao Weiguang, Ph.D. of Peking University and theoretical editor of Peoples Daily, shared his understanding of cultural confidence with more than 200 listeners through the stories of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign figures. The lecture is themed with Cultural Confidence from the Global Perspective.

  • Expert Interpretation of the Mystery behind Chinese Characters

    Chinese characters are the only classical ideographic characters still used today, which is a unique cultural phenomenon in the world. Why can Chinese characters still be in use at present? In response to the question, Li Shoukui, Director of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Tsinghua University, Professor of Unearthed Research and Protection Center, Tsinghua University, Yangtze River Scholar Professor of Ministry of Education

  • XU Qi: Experience Happiness with Soul

    On October 20th, the seventh session of Reflection on Culture Soft Power, Series of Lectures of Confucius Academy was held. Professor XU Qi, Honorary Chairman of Guizhou Provincial Literature Federation, Executive Chairman of Confucius Academy Academic Board, President of Guizhou Association of Philosophy, delivered a lecture entitled External Pleasure and Internal Enjoyment: On the Happiness of Life.

  • XU Qi accepts interview during the Guiyang International Forum for Ecological Civilization

    On July 7, the 2018 Annual Meeting Opening Ceremony of Guiyang International Forum for Ecological Civilization was held at Guiyang. Reporter has made exclusive interview on Professor XU Qi, Honorary Chairman of Guizhou Provincial Literature Federation, Executive Chairman of Confucius Academy Academic Board, and President of Guizhou Association of Philosophy on the theme