Guiyang Confucius Academy Welcomes the 600th Public Lecture on Traditional Cultures

On July 1, Guizhou Confucius Academy welcomes the 600th public lecture on traditional cultures. Since its openiong in 2013, Confucius Academy continuously hold lecture at each weekend. Over the past 5 year and a half, there have been 600 public lectures held, 13 special lecture sub-brands promoted, 440 cultural scholars at home and abroad invited for lecturing, and nearly 240,000 audience present at the lectures....more >

  • Confucius Academy “Special Training Institute for New Era Citizens” Begins Lecturing

    On May 19, “Special Training Institute for New Era Citizens” –Reflection on Culture Soft Power, Series of Lectures begins at Confucius Academy. Professor XU Qi, Lecturer and Honorary Chairman of Guizhou Provincial Literature Federation, Executive Chairman of Confucius Academy Academic Board, President of Guizhou Association of Philosophy, delivered the first lecture entitled On Cultural Confidence...more >

  • Series of Lectures on Traditional Chinese Ethics Begin at Confucius Academy

    On June 24, the lecture by Professor JIAO Guocheng, with Renmin University of China School of Philosophy, on Way to Be “Grown-up” ---Basic Essence and Contemporary Value of Chinese Traditional Ethics was held at Confucius Academy, and also served as the first of “Series of Lectures on Traditional Chinese Ethics” carried out by Confucius Academy.It is known that since the official opening since 2013, Guiyang Confucius Academy has held nearly 600 public...more >

  • First Stop of Confucius Academy 2018 “First Writing Ceremony”

    On August 31, “Enlightenment for Start of Independent Life” -Guiyang Confucius Academy “First Writing Ceremony” approached Qingzhen City Shiguang Experimental School, presenting a traditional and solemn “Entrance Ceremony” for over 200 first graders of the school. Such ceremony is also the first stop of a series of activities of the 2018 “Four Ceremonies of Confucius Academy”

  • Confucius Academy Welcomes Visitors to Experience “Coming-of-age Ceremony” on Open Day

    From May 11 to May 13, the Confucius Academy greeted visitors to experience the “Coming-of-age Ceremony” on its open day. The activities of 18-year-old students’ Coming-of-age Ceremony, experiencing of “Coming-of-age Ceremony” of ancient style for all, and experiencing of “Chinese Zither, Weiqi, Calligraphy and Painting”, and special lectures on “Coming-of-age Ceremony”, attracted large quantity of citizens to participate.

  • 2018 “Coming-of-age Ceremony”Activity of Confucius Academy Initiated

    On May 11, the 2018 “Coming-of-age Ceremony” Activity of Confucius Academy jointly held by the Culture Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy, the Guiyang Municipal Office of Civilization, and Guiyang Municipal Bureau of Education, is officially initiated.