Scholar Sun Haoliang PresentedChinese Culture in Australia

On the morning of June 2, Sun Haoliang, principal of XinJinShan Chinese Language School in Melbourne, Australia, gave a special lecture on Chinese Culture in Australia. More than 480 people, including citizens and students, listened to the lecture and spoke highly of it.Focusing on four aspects, including Chinese culture and the historical legends of the southern mainland, Chinese culture and the Gold Rush Era in the 19thcentury...more >

  • Expert Interpretation of the Mystery behind Chinese Characters

    Chinese characters are the only classical ideographic characters still used today, which is a unique cultural phenomenon in the world. Why can Chinese characters still be in use at present? In response to the question, Li Shoukui, Director of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Tsinghua University, Professor of Unearthed Research and Protection Center, Tsinghua University, Yangtze River Scholar Professor of Ministry of Education...more >

  • Famous Writer A Lai Visited Guiyang Confucius Academy

    On the morning of April 27, A Lai, the famous writer of the novel The Dust Settles Down (䶨), winner of Mao Dun Prize for Literature and Lu Xun Literature Prize, visited Guiyang Confucius Academy and gave a lecture entitled Du Fu in Chengdu. This is the 690th public lecture on traditional culture held by Confucius Academy, and is also the first lecture in the series of Writers Forum held by Confucius Academy. There were over ...more >

  • Coming-of-age Ceremonyof Confucius Academy Held at Guiyang Nursing Vocational College

    On November 15, Coming-of-age Ceremony of Confucius Academy was held at Guiyang Nursing Vocational College. A total of 580 freshmen started their adulthood in a solemn ceremony and took an oath to protect peoples lives and health.At the ceremony, the 18-year-old students of the post-2000s generation, completed the passage from childhood to adulthood after accepting teachings of the elderly, singing the Song of Conducts, being presented with the stamp of adulthood, and making a salute to give thanks.

  • Confucius Academy Held Respecting the Elderly Ceremony for Double Ninth Festival

    On October 17, Respecting the Elderly, Showing Filial Piety and Enjoying Chrysanthemum in the Garden Party: 2018 Respecting the Elderly Ceremony of Our Festival Double Nine Festival of Confucius Academy co-organized by the Publicity Department of CPC Guiyang Municipal Committee, Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy and Office of Spiritual Civilization Construction of Guiyang

  • About 3,000 People Commemorated the Greatest Sage and Teacher at Confucius Academy on the 2569th Anniversary of Confucius Birthday

    On September 28, 2018, the 2569th anniversary of Confucius Birthday and also the Day of Global Confucius Ceremony, Guiyang Confucius Academy holds the 2018 (Year of the Dog) Confucius Ceremony & First Writing Ceremony. This is the sixth time for Confucius Academy to hold such events.About 3,000 people including Confucianism experts and scholars from Germany, the U.S.

  • Guiyang Confucius Academy Launched the Traditional Cultural Charity Event C Benevolence in Guizhou 2019

    Hosted by Guizhou Prison Administration Bureau and Guiyang Confucius Academy, Benevolence in Guizhou 2019 of Confucius Academys traditional cultural charity event was officially launched on November 7. The event will extend from November to December, covering eight prisons in Guizhou, where lectures on traditional culture and public welfare will be held for tens of thousands of prisoners and learning materials such as books on traditional culture and public welfare will be distributed to enrich the prison reading resources, aiming to popularize the traditional cultural quintessence and achieve continuous indoctrination.

  • New Six ArtsExcellent Traditional Culture Series Courses of Confucius Academy Began

    From March 16 to 17, the new six arts excellent traditional culture series courses of the national primary and secondary school students research and study education base of Confucius Academy officially started in the Palace of Learning Six Arts of Guiyang Confucius Academy. Nearly 100 primary school students aged from six to ten learned chanting and calligraphy in Confucius Academy to experience the beauty of traditional culture.

  • Taichi Experimental Course Opened at Confucius Academy

    On September 9, the Taichi Experimental Course advanced by Confucius Academy Chinese Chanting Promoting Center was opened at the Six Arts Center of Confucius Academy. Trainees of varied age groups followed LUO Shilong, Secretary General of Guizhou Taichi Association and Distinguished Taichi Teacher of Confucius Academy to learn Taichi and experience the wisdom of Taichi.