Forum on Wang Yangming’s Philosophy and Spirit of Guizhou in the New Era Held in Xiuwen County

On October 25, the forum on Wang Yangming’s Philosophy and Spirit of Guizhou in the New Era was held in Xiuwen County. Ye Xiaowen, Deputy Director of the Cultural, History and Learning Committee of CPPCC, presided over the forum.Focusing on the two major topics of “Wang Yangming’s Philosophy” and “Spirit of Guizhou in the New Era”, experts and scholars put forward their opinions....more >

  • International Symposium on “Axial Age and China” Held at Confucius Academy

    Co-hosted by School of History of Beijing Foreign Studies University, Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy, the Leopoldina Centre for Science Studies, National Academy of Sciences, Germany and Confucius Institute of Dusseldorf in Germany from September 28 to September 30, “the International Symposium on Axial Age and China” and a series of cultural exchange activities have been held at Guiyang Confucius...more >

  • The 6th Knowledge-Action Forum held at Confucius Academy

    On September 15, the 6th Knowledge-Action Forum and the International Conference on “Modern Transformation of East-Asian Confucianism” and “Wang Yangming’s Philosophy and Regional Cultural Construction “was held at Confucius Academy. XU Qi, Executive Chairman of the Academic Committee of Confucius Academy, LU Baoping, Secretary of the Party Committee of Guiyang University, SUO Xiaoxia...more >

  • Confucius Academy Academic Board Held Annual Conference in 2018

    On October 27, the annual meeting of Confucius Academy Academic Board in 2018 was held. At the foot of Dacheng Mountain, 18 members of the Academic Board of Confucius Academy from renowned universities and academic institutions of China gathered together. They summarized the work progress in 2018 and formulated a plan for academic research and development in 2019.