Public Educations Area

Public Education Area was completed on September 28, 2012, the 2563rd anniversary of Confucius’ birthday, officially open on January 1, 2013. It adopts the three-axis layout, including one vertical axis and two horizontal axes, implying the cultural conceptions of Ritual Axis, Wind Axis and Practice Axis. The vertical Ritual Axis is the main axis for the buildings of Confucius Academy, from Lingxing Gate to Apricot Altar, representing the core thinking of Confucius –“rite” and “benevolence”; the horizontal Wind Axis stretches from Six Arts School to Minglun Hall, with “Wind” referring to the educational thinking of Confucius; the horizontal Practice Axis includes Confucius Museum, Hall of Confucianism, Yangming Museum, Local Worthies Temple, Kuiwen Pagoda, and Kaimo Road, with “Practice” meaning Confucius wisdom and practice and simultaneously featuring the humanistic spirit of Guizhou, the unity of knowledge and action.