XU Qi: Searching for Cultural “Common Divisor” for Dialogue with the World


On September 26, XU Qi, Party Secretary and President of the Council of Culture Communication Center of Confucius Academy, accepts the exclusive interview of reporter on the future development of Confucius Academy. He says, Confucius Academy will strive for forging the important platform for cultural exchange with foreign countries in Guizhou and supporting the establishment of “spiritual highland” in Guizhou.

XU Qi also points out that Confucius Academy is seeking for a “common divisor” for equal and dialogue-based cultural exchanges. Such “common divisor” has important realistic significance for leading the Chinese classics to the world, which is also the commitment and responsibility of Confucius Academy. On the day of interview, “Wen Mai Shi Xin” 7th Cross-Strait Chinese Character Art Festival co-sponsored by Chinese Culture Friendship Association, Chinese National Academy of Arts and the General Association of Chinese Culture, is held at Confucius Academy, gathering over 70 specialists and artists across the strait for in-depth exchange and communication in the realm of Chinese character art.