Wang Yangming International Cartoon Exhibition Opens


July 26, 2017

On July 26, “Wang Yangming International Cartoon Exhibition” is opened at Confucius Academy, Guiyang. Over 2,400 pieces of works came from over 60 countries around the world in different artistic forms and by varied artistic measures, showcasing the comprehension of Wang Yangming and “Wang Yangming’s Philosophy of Mind” in various cultures.

Sitting in a chair before a mirror and holding a magnifying glass in his hand, Wang Yangming observes the world at the same time of inspecting himself - that is the image of Wang Yangming in the mind of Wilber Chavarria (please confirm the following content “Centeno caricatura china ultima” is not a part of the name) from Nicaragua, and this work won the Grand Prix award of the contest. The cartoonists presented abundant impressions on Wang Yangming and the Wang Yangming’s Philosophy of Mind with varied characteristics. Various artistic measures were used in their works, including pencil sketch, oil paintings, watercolor paintings, paper cuttings, woodcut, Chinese ink painting, etc. At the same time, the artists depict Wang Yangming by means of true-life, freehand brushwork, abstraction and surrealism, astonishing the audience.

What is the way to merge a traditional culture with the contemporary life and secure its position in the world cultures? The “trans-disciplinary” presentation is the only choice, while the integration of traditional cultures with local cultures and cartoon art highlights the specific practice of “two innovations” by Confucius Academy.