Confucius Academy Holds “Confucius of the World · International Cartoon Contest”


August 15, 2015

On August 15, the “Confucius of the World · International Cartoon Contest” was completed at Confucius Academy, Guiyang.

Over a dozen of cartoonists from Canada, America, India and other countries arrived at the scene, and had a dialogue on oriental and western cultures with Guiyang citizens, offering the locals a rare experience of close contact with “Cartoon Masters”.

Throughout the five-month contest, 1,120 works from almost 70 countries and regions around the globe were received. On August 14, the cartoonists assessed the works passing the primary selection at Confucius Academy. Ole Dergachov from Canada won the “Grand Prix” award; José Raymundo Costado Nascimento from Brazil won the “International Confucius of the World” award; Rock Lane from Brazil won the “Impression of China” award. “Such event is a wise move of the sponsor, for it promotes the publicity of Confucius and China and also Guiyang City of Guizhou, the host city” said Mr. Mikhail, Chairman of the Judges’ Panel and a world famous cartoonist.

Since August 15, the outstanding works of the contest will be displayed at the Six Arts Center of Confucius Academy, Guiyang.