Scholars from the Three Places on both Sides of the Strait Gathering at Confucius Academy Discussing Confucian Tradition and Modern Society

Group Photo of almost 40 Scholars from the Three Places on both Sides of the Straittaken at Confucius Academy

The 2017 Cross-Strait and Hong Kong Humanities and Social Sciences Forum opens at Guiyang Confucius Academy on September 16. Almost 40 scholars from humanities and social sciences attend the meeting.

The theme of the forum is “Confucian Tradition and Modern Society – Realization of Creative Transformation and Innovative Development of Chinese Traditional Culture”. From several aspects including the “commonality” of Confucian benevolence, the modern significance of Confucian educational ideas, the Confucian tradition and modernization, the orientation of “mentality” in Yangming’s philosophy, etc., the experts and scholars discuss the interweaving of Confucianism and modern civilization for purpose of promoting the adaptation of Chinese excellent traditional culture to contemporary culture, and promoting the coordination between Chinese excellent traditional culture and modern society, so as to carry forward its spiritual value across time and space.

Zhijiang Zhou, deputy director and a member of the Party committee of Cultural Transmission Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy says that it is an important subject of cultural inheritance to explore the contemporary value of traditional culture and to achieve the “creative transformation and innovative development” of traditional culture. The forum has not only promoted the development of scientific research in traditional culture, but has also enhanced the exchanges and friendship among cultural scholars from the three places on both sides of the strait.