The Third National Joint Conference of Confucian Societies held at Guiyang Confucius Academy

Opening Meeting Site

The Third National Joint Conference of Confucian Societies and the Seminar on Confucian Culture and Core Values is held at Guiyang Confucius Academy on August 19, 2015. The conference lasts two days; over 40 Confucian societies from all provinces, cities and regions of the country, and hundreds of experts and scholars gather together to have lively discussion and make experience sharing on “Contemporary Confucianism and Socialist Core Values”.

Site of Seminar on Confucian Culture and Core Values

At the meeting, scholars say that in the face of the complicated external environment, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation must include the historical task of reviving Confucianism, and that we must give equal importance to academic research on one hand and to culture-rooted construction on the other hand. The purpose of Confucian Societies is also to fully implement the work of reviving Confucianism adequately. Confucianism revival is neither blind retro, sticking to scale ideas, being conservative, nor paper talk, being out of touch with reality and ceasing to advance; instead, we should firmly integrate Confucian culture into the trend of building a socialist cultural power; we should unswervingly take the road of socialist culture development with Chinese characteristics, carry forward the advanced socialist culture; and in particular, we should advocate, cultivate and practice the core values of socialism from various aspects, angles and perspectives, we should give thousands of households the pretty freeze of “prosperity, democracy, civilization, harmony, freedom, equality, justice, rule of law, patriotism, dedication, integrity and friendship”, we should purify social atmosphere, influence the mind of hundreds of millions of people so as to finally build a well-off society in a comprehensive way.