LOU Yulie, a Master of Chinese Culture, Visiting Confucius Academy and Interpreting WANG Yangming’s “To the Conscience” Thought


LOU Yulie, a famous professor of Department of Philosophy and Institute of Chinese Studies of Peking University, and the honorary president of the Research Institute of Religious Culture of Peking University, visits Confucius Academy on June 23, and brings a lecture themed at WANG Yangming’s “To the Conscience” Thought.

LOU Yulie, famous professor of Department of Philosophy
and Institute of Chinese Studies, Peking University

In LOU Yulie’s opinion, the Confucianists have been discussing the problem of human desire and natural justice since the pre-Qin Dynasty; and WANG Yangming’s “To the Conscience” Thought also discusses the problem of natural justice and human desire. “The foothold of the whole thought of WANG Yangming is how to deal with the relationship between human desire and natural justice”. “He thinks that as long as we return to conscience, we can return to natural justice, and can therefore restrain our desires.”

Lecture Scene

As for the interpretation of “the mind is the principle”, in LOU Yulie’s opinion, the “is” in “the mind is the principle” should be understood as “can’t do without”, but not “means” or “is equivalent to”. “The mind is the principle means that the mind cannot be without the principle, and the principle cannot be without the mind”.

LOU Yulie further notes that Yangming philosophy puts emphasis on “human-oriented”, and advocates the “unity of knowledge and action”. “WANG Yangming completes unification of “knowledge and action” for the first time, the “knowledge” and the “action” integrate, and therefore, we need to experience the practical function of Yangming Studies.