Confucius Academy Advancing to the World Based on Openness and Innovation


September 28, 2017

On September 28, XU Qi, Party Secretary and Chairman of Council of Culture Communication Center of Confucius Academy, accepts the exclusive interview of national media reporter on the survival and development in the trend of globalization. He points out that Confucius Academy and the excellent traditional Chinese culture that Confucius Academy inherits are advancing to the world based on openness, inclusiveness and innovation.

XU Qi holds that Culture is not a shield, but a bridge and link. In the process of mutual clash and exchange of different cultures, a new value will emerge or there will be novel elements emerging in the old value, reinforcing the vividness of culture. Therefore, upholding the principles of open and inclusiveness, Confucius Academy has become an important platform of Guizhou for cultural exchange with foreign countries.

Over the recent years, Confucius Academy has held the “Guizhou International Forum for Ecological Civilization”, 2015 Annual Conference Confucius Academy Forum, “Confucius of the World · International Cartoon Contest”, “Wang Yangming International Cartoon Exhibition”, “The 7th Cross-Strait Chinese Character Art Festival” and other events, attracting the worldwide attention.