2018 “Coming-of-age Ceremony”Activity of Confucius Academy Initiated

Modern “Coming-of-age Ceremony” for 18-year-old Students
“Coming-of-age Ceremony” of Ancient Style
Capping Ceremony Implemented by Parentfor Child
“Chan Gong Zhe Gui” (Pluck cinnamon flowers in the Palace of the Moon –become a great man), students making wish to obtain a degree in civil examinations
Experiencing the “Six Arts of Gentleman” -Chinese Zither
Experiencing the “Six Arts of Gentleman” -Weiqi

On May 11, the 2018 “Coming-of-age Ceremony” Activity of Confucius Academy jointly held by the Culture Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy, the Guiyang Municipal Office of Civilization, and Guiyang Municipal Bureau of Education, is officially initiated.

The current activity lasts for three days, including the 18-year-old students’ Coming-of-age Ceremony, the experiencing of “Coming-of-age Ceremony” of ancient style for all, the experiencing of the Six Arts of Gentleman of ancient times, the special lecture on “Coming-of-age Ceremony”, the show of large-scale original historical drama “Ci Xin Guang Ming”, etc. Moreover, the traditional folk activities like “Chan Gong Zhe Gui”, “Deng Gao Ji Di” (to pass the imperial examinations), “Jin Bang Ti Ming” (to be in the published list of successful candidates), implying the wishes of good scores in the college entrance examinations, are quite popular among the parents and students attending the activities.

The “Coming-of-age Ceremony” of Confucius Academy, one of the “Four Ceremonies of Confucius Academy”, is a ceremony symbolizing the start of adulthood for a 18-year-old teenager. Since the ancient times, Chinese nation have been paying great attention on the “Coming-of-age Ceremony”, thus there is the so called “Capping is the beginning of the etiquette”, which is listed first in the opening of the “Yi Li” (Etiquette). Such solemn ceremony declares the transformation of teenagers from “Ru Zi” (child) to adult official entering the society. It brings children life-long benefits, leading them to rightfully face the responsibilities on their shoulders and complete the transformation of their social roles, nurturing their excellent qualities of gratefulness and contribution, and reminding them to remember the history.