2018 Spring Festival Culture Temple Fair of Confucius Academy Attracting Almost 100,000 Visitors

Boom Temple Fair of Spring Festival Culture of Confucius Academy

On February 21, 2018, “Our Festival· Spring Festival” -the Second Phase of Temple Fair of Spring Festival Culture of the Year of Dog of Guiyang Confucius Academy draws the curtain. Since the culture temple fair initiated, about 100,000 visitors have been attracted here.

Lion Dance at Temple Fair to Celebrate the Chinese New Year

The current temple fair featured with “Beautiful Nostalgia” for the first time illustrates the local cultures and customs during Chinese New Year in Guizhou, while the family instruction cultures are preserved and upgraded for further implementation of the practical activity of “Knowing the Propriety and Upholding the Virtues”, integrating with exhibition, performance, learning, touring, and fun for 8 days in three phases. Citizen visitors may attend the activities for free against their ID cards or other valid identity certificates.

Performance of Tongren Four-sides Drum

The first phase lasts from February 9 to February 12. Confucius Academy invites the calligraphers of Guizhou Association of Calligraphers and presents about ten thousand pairs of New Year scrolls at Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport and the Yiwen Hall of Confucius Academy to visitors from all directions, adding some cultural and human touches along their way home during the Spring Festival Travel.

Taste of Cate in the Custom of Chinese New Year

The second phase lasts from February 16 (the first day of the first lunar month) to February 21 (the sixth day of the first lunar month). Confucius Academy separately holds the three theme activities of “Beautiful Nostalgia, Collection of New Year Customs”, “Set Family Instructions in Spring for Succession and Development”, and “Guizhou Drumbeat, Present for the Beginning of Lunar New Year”, including wishes for fortune and happiness, interactions of local features of Lunar New Year, Chinese traditional folk art forms, folk songs and dances, Taijiang Fanpai Village Wood Drum Dance, Tongren Songtao Four-sides Drum performance, etc. Besides, there are also exhibition area of “Home of That Year”, the family instruction exhibition hall, “Fan Wall of Hundred Chinese Surnames” exhibition, and the experiencing of “the four arts of Confucius Academy”, allowing visitors to feel the charisma of traditional cultures in the atmosphere of Spring Festival.

The third phase starts on March 2 (the fifteenth day of the first lunar month). Guiyang Confucius Academy will host the activities of “Lantern Festival”, including lectures on new year customs, large-scale celebration events, guess of lantern riddles, performance of traditional cultures, etc., available to all visitors.