Plenary Session of the Council of Confucius Academy Convened to Deploy the 2018 Works

Plenary Session of the Council of Confucius Academy Convened
In May 2017, the large-scale historical theme drama Ci Xin Guang Ming debuted
Overseas Student Experiencing Chinese Traditional Culture at Confucius Academy

On January 24, the plenary session of the Council of Confucius Academy is convened. 125 representatives from over 40 councilor units get together at Confucius Academy, summarizing various works of the past year and discussing the development strategy of the coming year.

The session indicates that 2017 is the fifth year that Confucius Academy has went through. In this year, Confucius Academy has held 103 public lectures on Chinese classics, covering over 40000 audiences; “Confucius Academy Four Ceremonies” has been delivered to 8 schools, 5 social communities, concerning about 20000 direct participants; the “Confucius Academy ?Travel for Knowledge and Action on Guizhou Cultures -Approaching the Places of Guizhou” has over 1 million participants; the call for bidding for a series of high-end academic forums and tasks of Chinese classics has attracted scholars from inside and outside of Guizhou Province for stationed research and study; many culture exchange events are actively promoting the “Going Out” and “Inviting in” of cultures; exploring the resources of Yangming culture, Confucius Academy has carried out multiple events such as “Yangming’s Story” Calligraphy Exhibition of Guizhou and Zhejiang, the large-scale historical drama Ci Xin Guang Ming, Wang Yangming International Cartoon Exhibition, 2017 Nationwide Network Medias Highlights in Guizhou… All of the foresaid events have made an in-depth, human cultural space for the people in Guizhou, founding the spiritual highland of new era.

The session also points out that Confucius Academy will further its functions of teaching, research, and studies in 2018 and explore the resources of Yangming culture for promoting the succession, development, research, and expansion of excellent Chinese traditional cultures by refined high-grade cultural recreational industry. Confucius Academy is striving for making its due share of contribution for realizing the China Dream of the great revitalization of Chinese nation, by founding the spiritual highland, strengthening the cultural confidence of Chinese people, and demonstrating the spirit, value, cohesion of China.