Thousand of Primary School Teachers Learning to Chant the Classics in Confucius Academy

Training for Primary School Teachers to Chant Traditional Culture Officially Open
At the opening ceremony of the training meeting, the sponsor specially invited ZHOU Duwen, Famous Poet, Chanting Expert, Honorary Chairman of Chinese Poem Association and other famous characters and present a special chanting performance of Chinese and foreign poems in reading, chanting and other artistic forms
Demonstration lesion on the spot

On January 14, the Training for Primary School Teachers to Chant Traditional Culture co-sponsored by Guiyang Municipal Bureau of Education and the Culture Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy officially opens. 500 primary school Chinese teachers from varied places will attend a 5-day systematic training for Chinese chanting and teaching method of chanting. XU Jianshun and LIU Qinyi as well as other famous chanting experts work as trainers for field instruction. And a thousand participants including principals and Chinese teachers of primary schools in Guiyang City and Liupanshui City, and nationwide Chinese teacher’s representatives, and chanting fans witness the opening ceremony of the training meeting.

The current training will provide the curricula including Introduction to Chanting, Chanting of Modern-Style Poetry, Chanting of Ancient Poetry, and Chanting and Teaching. The teachers standing out during the training will be recommended to attend the Test for Elementary Teacher Qualification of Chinese Chanting. Those who qualified in the test shall be granted with the Elementary Teacher’s Qualification of Chinese Chanting certificate, aiming at promoting teacher’s cultural quality and teaching of chanting in schools. In such way, the excellent traditional cultures may be realistically, validly put into effect.

The Chinese chanting is on the verge of failure in succession over the last hundred years. With the revitalization of traditional cultures in recent years, the State Language Commission clearly points out in the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan on national Language and Character Course” that “support the research, rescuing protection, and succession of Chinese chanting”. Therefore, the chanting society across China has carried out a number of works for recue, arrangement, research, teaching, and promotion related to chanting. Guiyang City has established the “Guiyang Municipal Knowledge and Action Team of Traditional Cultures” and made dynamic integration of chanting, traditional ancient poetry and literature education, and primary school Chinese lessons, in an effort to arouse the enthusiasm of pupils on learning ancient poetry. Guiyang Confucius Academy has also established the Chinese Chanting Promotion Center in 2015 to actively advance the training for chanting teachers and chanting exhibitions and performances, dedicating to the succession and promotion of Chinese chanting.