Scholars from Inside and Outside of Guizhou Get Together at Confucius Academy to Research on New Era Development of Yangming Philosophy

Summit Forum on Yangming Philosophy and Contemporary Development of Chinese Philosophy Held at Confucius Academy

On April 15, the “Summit Forum on Yangming Philosophy and Contemporary Development of Chinese Philosophy” cosponsored by the Culture Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy and Guiyang University School of Yangming Philosophy and Qian Learning Research is held at Confucius Academy. More than 20 experts and scholars from higher educational institutes inside and outside of Guizhou make discussions on how the contemporary development of Yangming Philosophy can be implemented in the new era.

In the forum, the experts and scholars have had discussions on the topics of interpretation on theoretical construction by Confucianism (Yangming Philosophy) and new direction of Chinese philosophy in the new era, centering at the theme “Research on Yangming Philosophy and Contemporary Development of Chinese Philosophy”, for actively developing the new theoretical field, new path, new methodology and new viewpoints for research on the foresaid theme, thoroughly exploring and exerting the contemporary value of Yangming Philosophy, and promoting the philosophical discipline construction in the new era.

It is known that Guiyang Confucius Academy has been constantly dedicated in the succession and development of Yangming Culture. On academic research, it has established the “Yangming Philosophy and Contemporary Social Psychology Research Institute”, convened the “Knowledge and Action Forum”, International Academic Conference and other high-end academic forum of Yangming Culture, set up related tasks of Yangming Philosophy and lectures and studies. On public education, it has implemented series of lectures on Yangming Culture, produced the original historical drama Ci Xin Guang Ming, carried out the “Yangming’s Story Calligraphy Exhibition of Guizhou and Zhejiang”, “Wang Yangming International Cartoon Exhibition”, and other experiencing events of Yangming Culture. Besides, it has been constantly striving for injecting new vitality into the traditional cultures and increasing the cultural confidence of the public by upholding the “creative transformation and innovative development” and promoting the organic integration of the research on traditional cultures and the creation of contemporary cultures.