Chanting of Classical Chinese Poems on Dragon Boat Festival at Confucius Academy Traversing Through History with Poetry


On June 16, the Confucius Academy Classical Chinese Poems Vocal Concert, one of the series of activities of “Musical Trip in Xishan”, kicks off at Guiyang Confucius Academy. WANG Sufen, Professor of China Conservatory of Music, well-known soprano singer and Chinese Classical Poems expert, together with her students stared the performance, providing audience with a visual and audio feast integrating with literature, music and performance.

The Confucius Academy Chinese Classical Poems Vocal Concert, one of the series of activities of “Musical Trip in Xishan”, kicks off at Guiyang Confucius Academy

The performance regards the historical period as an axle, music as media, presents representative Chinese classical poems from ancient times to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, leading the audience to have a taste on the artistic charm of traditional Chinese cultures from the Classic of Poetry, the Songs of Chu, Yuefu Songs of Han Dynasty, Folk Songs of the Northern and Southern Dynasties and Tang and Song poems. Among them, most chapters like Yi Wang Sun (Memory to Prince’s Descendants), Hu Jia Shi Ba Pai (Eighteen Songs of a Nomad Flute), Chun Guang Hao (Nice Spring Scenery), were performed according to the original ancient lyrics and music scores, possessing relatively high literature value, artistic value and succession value. Meanwhile, such chapters as Nan Feng Ge (Song of South Wind), Xi Jiang Yue (Moon over Xijiang River), Chi Le Ge (Chile Song) with modern music arrangement presented the shiny alive as ever vitality of classical poems in the contemporary artistic aesthetics.

Professor WANG Sufen, China Conservatory of Music, interprets Chinese Classical Poems for audience

It’s learned that the performance serves as the second one of the vocal special concerts jointly developed by the Confucius Academy Chinese Music Promotion and Research Institute and the School of Graduate, China Conservatory of Music.

Audience standing ovation for splendid performance