Ten Thousand of Citizens Enjoying Themselves During Dragon Boat Festival at Confucius Academy


On June 18, which is the Dragon Boat Festival, a traditional Chinese festival, Guiyang Confucius Academy 2018 Dragon Boat Festival Traditional Cultural Activities kicked off. About ten thousand citizens enjoyed themselves during the festival at Confucius Academy.

Making Sachet

The activity adopted “Enjoy Yourself in Dragon Boat Festival and Travel with Love” as the theme. Visitors entered in one after another during the opening time and attended the folk activities, such as making rice dumpling and making sachet. In the experience zone of Hanfu (Han Chinese Clothing), the visitors queued up, waiting for their own time of putting on the Hanfu and feeling customs of ancient times. During the lecture series of Dragon Boat Festival, XIANG Yixian, Professor of Sichuan University, shared historical cultures related to Dragon Boat Festival with the visitors under the theme “Festival of Love and Poem: Rambling about Dragon Boat Festival”. XIE Chengqiang, a well-known songwriter, and PAN Xingzhou, a youth singer of Guizhou, jointly presented a special show, integrated with singing and speaking to elaborate the Guizhou folk music with world expression to audience.

Traditional Artistic Performance

Confucius Academy also specially invited about 500 families with left-behind children to hit the scene and attend the activities. The children had a tour at Confucius Academy, understood the Confucian culture, and participated in the “Two Persons Walking in Three Legs” Race to enjoy their parent-child times.

Scene Play Ci Xin Guang Ming Being Performed

Moreover, on June 15, over a hundred of cute children and their parents learned the Dragon Boat Festival cultures at the library of Confucius Academy and learned to make “rice dumplings” and sachet in person, experiencing an interesting parent-child tour during the Dragon Boat Festival.

Child Experiencing “Making Rice Dumplings” at Library of Confucius Academy