Chinese National Vocal Concert Held at Confucius Academy


On May 27, Confucius Academy Chinese Music Promotion and Research Institute and China Conservatory of Music Postgraduate Academy jointly held the initial special vocal concert ---“Music Trip in Xishan Chinese National Vocal Concert” at Confucius Academy Yang Ming Auditorium. HUANG Xu, Popular Candidate of CCTV Avenue of Stars, DIE Dangjiu and A Youduo, excellent singers of Miao nationality, MU Weiping, well-known tenor singer, and Professor ZHOU Qiang with Chinese Conservatory of Music, brought about classic folk songs one after another with long aftertaste. There were no empty seats at the scene. Thousands of audiences experience the charm of Chinese national vocal music through the wonderful performance of the singers.

Auditorium on May 27

At the scene of the vocal concert, the classic works, such as folk song of Tujia ethnic group Zhe Shan Mei De Na Shan Gao (This Mountain Not Higher Than That One), folk song of Gelan ethnic group Qing Jie Xia He Xi Yi Shang (Lovely Sister Went Down into River to Wash Her Clothes) showed the diversification of the national minorities in Guizhou; moreover, Dui Ge Dui Dao Ri Luo Po (Singing in Antiphonal Style till Sunset), Miao Ling Fei Ge (Songs Flying Over Miaoling Mountains), and Tai Yang Gu (Sun Drum) performed in the 2018 CCTV Spring Festival Night Gala, seemingly brought the audience back to the boisterous scene of the Gala; and Wo Ai Ni, Zhong Guo (I Love You, China), Zai Xi Wang De Tian Ye Shang (In the Field of Hope) and other universally praised songs also caused strong resonance of audience.

DIE Dangjiu, Vocal King of Miao nationality and His Partner YANG Yifang Jointly Performing the Love Song Dui Ge Dui Dao Ri Luo Po (Singing in Antiphonal Style till Sunset)

SHEN Cheng, Art Director of the activity, well-known Huqin Concert Performer, Dean of China Conservatory of Music Postgraduate Academy said that folk songs and traditional cultures are closely related with each other. In the vast sea of Chinese folk songs, many works reflected people’s living conditions thousands of years ago. The works including Classic of Poetry Guofeng, Songs of Chu and Yuefu Songs of the Han Dynasty record the traditional cultures in the form of folk songs to reflect characters and changes of an era.

Long-lasting and Loud Applause at the Scene of the Concert

It's learned that since the establishment of Confucius Academy Chinese Music Promotion and Research Institute in last December, Guiyang Confucius Academy initially has carried out the vocal concert and planned to consecutively four special vocal concerts of varied themes.