Taichi Experimental Course Opened at Confucius Academy

Taichi Experimental Course Opened at Confucius Academy

On September 9, the Taichi Experimental Course advanced by Confucius Academy Chinese Chanting Promoting Center was opened at the Six Arts Center of Confucius Academy. Trainees of varied age groups followed LUO Shilong, Secretary General of Guizhou Taichi Association and Distinguished Taichi Teacher of Confucius Academy to learn Taichi and experience the wisdom of Taichi.

LUO Shilong Instructing Trainee

The trainees unhurriedly followed the teacher to practice Taichi move by move in the simple and unsophisticated buildings under green shade. WEI Wenfang, reenrolled this year, told reporter that there have been nice improvements on his physical and mental conditions after he started practicing Taichi. “The extensiveness and profoundness of traditional cultures can be felt from Taichi. Now that my child learns chanting and I learn Taichi here every Saturday, Confucius Academy has become a place of co-learning for my family”.

Adult Class of Taichi Experimental Course

“It’s not for confrontment to learn Taichi, but for imitation of Taichi movement with human body and for appreciation of the changes of Yin and Yang so as to reach the harmonious unification of physical and mental conditions.” says LUO Shilong, who has been teaching Taichi for years, to the reporter, “because of the quick pace of modern life, the physical and mental conditions of people are constantly under stress. Taichi as a sport may build up one’s body and as excellent Chinese traditional culture may also help the contemporary people to regulate their physical and mental conditions and increase the life wisdom.”

It is learnt that the Taichi experimental course is one of the series of courses of excellent traditional cultures proposed by Confucius Academy Chinese Chanting Promotion Center. Moreover, the series of courses of excellent traditional cultures have also included the courses of chanting of ancient poems, teaching of Chinese idioms, civilized etiquette, etc.