XU Qi accepts interview during the Guiyang International Forum for Ecological Civilization

Professor XU Qi

On July 7, the 2018 Annual Meeting Opening Ceremony of Guiyang International Forum for Ecological Civilization was held at Guiyang. Reporter has made exclusive interview on Professor XU Qi, Honorary Chairman of Guizhou Provincial Literature Federation, Executive Chairman of Confucius Academy Academic Board, and President of Guizhou Association of Philosophy on the theme “Ecological Civilization Construction and Traditional Cultures”. Professor XU Qi expressed:

Firstly, the ecological idea “unity of heaven and man” has been deeply rooted in the mind of the Chinese nation. Ancient ancestors in Guizhou have always held such concepts: one who lives near a mountain gets the products of the mountain and also should sustain the mountain. The mass of varied ethnic groups in Guizhou today know well the way of “let nature take its course”, “go with the flow”; they know building homeland in accordance with the situations of mountain and water, “mountain and forest are host, while man is guest”, and the significance of mutual supplementation between ecology and mindset.

Secondly, to take in the ecological wisdom in Chinese traditional cultures, it absolutely isn’t simply to return to the ancient, but to stand on the contemporary times on the basis of traditions, to transform the creativity and develop the innovativeness of the ancient ecological wisdoms on the strategic height of sustainability, sharing, and green development.

Lastly, let the idea of green development to be deeply rooted. Not to wait, that is, to immediately start the implementation; not to haste, that is, to make long-term preparation without seeking for quick success and instant benefits.