Chinese Zither and Flute Concert Held at Confucius Academy


On August 11, “History Narrated through Music” Concert of Chinese Zither and Flute performed by WU Ruojie and ZHANG Jian was held at Confucius Academy. WU Ruojie, Chinese zither performer and president of Guizhou Chinese Zither Society, and ZHANG Jian, young Chinese flute performer, brought a feast of classical Chinese music to the audience at Yangming Lecture Hall of Confucius Academy.

During the concert, the two artists performed classic masterpieces, such as Drunkard (Jiu Kuang) and Geese Landing on a Sandy Beach (Ping Sha Luo Yan) as well as contemporary music including Crouching Dragon (Wo Long Yin) and Trace of the Monk at Han Mountain (Han Shan Seng Zong). Original Chinese zither songs of Deer Crying (Lu Ming) and Swallow (Yan Yan) and Plum-blossom in Three Movements (Mei Hua San Nong) and Yingzhou interpreted by WU stunned the audience as well. Through the fluent interpretation of Chinese zither, flute and string music, the artists told the audience about the long and glorious history behind music and presented the detachedness and serenity in ancient musicof Chinese literati.