The 5th “Forum at Confucius Academy and Yangming Cave”


On August 3, the 5th “Forum at Confucius Academy and Yangming Cave”, co-sponsored by the Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy and the Propaganda Department of County Party Committee of Xiuwen County, was held at Yangming Cultural Park of Xiuwen County. Experts including FAN Heping, Distinguished Professor of Changjiang(Yangtze River)Scholar Program and Chief Professor of Southeast University, JIAO Guocheng, Professor of School of Philosophy of Renmin University of China, and CHEN Jihong, Professor of School of Marxism of Nanjing University, gathered together to discuss on the topic of “ethical conditions for the culture of a moderately prosperous society”.

Travelling back in time, the three experts made an in-depth analysis of the guiding importance of traditional family ethics and principles of feudal moral conduct for current “culture of a moderately prosperous society” and their strategic guidance and theoretical basis for the sustainable development of China’s “culture of a moderately prosperous society”. They agreed that only a combination of economic growth and ethics can guarantee sustainable development of a moderately prosperous society and its culture.