Confucius Academy Announced a New Director


In the afternoon of August 23, Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy announced the decision of CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee on the appointment of comrade SUO Xiaoxia.

ZHANG Xin, Vice Minister of the Organization Department of CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee, announced the decision of the Provincial Committee that comrade SUO was appointed Director and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy.

XU Jing, Executive Vice Minister of the Publicity Department of CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee, delivered a speech on behalf of her Department. She pointed out that the appointment of comrade SUO was a decision made by the Provincial Committee based on thorough consideration and prudent review, which fully reflected its emphasis on the development of Confucius Academy’s cultural undertakings and concerns for leadership development in the publicity, ideological and cultural system. She expressed the hope that comrade SUO would fulfill the great trust of the party, enhance organizational cohesion, and continue promoting the all-around development of Confucius Academy with due diligence.

XU Jing also praised achievements made by Guiyang Confucius Academy in recent years. She noted that in the first place, Confucius Academy should accelerate its development for greater progress, and create new ways of its management system and mechanism to pull various talents and positive factors for its unique mode of operation. Secondly, the Party Committee, Council and Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy should further strengthen cooperation. The Cultural Communication Center should perform its duties of daily administration and service assurance, and pay close attention to details. Thirdly, member units of the Confucius Academy, including its academic committee, publishing house, magazine, website, art troupe and foundation, as crucial support for the cluster branding, should be held accountable for their duties and make joint efforts for co-existence, common prosperity and complement.

SUO expressed her sincere gratitude to the Party for its trust and long-term care, and indebtedness to leaders and comrades for their reliance and support. She said that it was a great honor to be a member of the Confucius Academy and that she was keenly aware of the great responsibility on herself. As for the next step, she would consciously promote unity in the leadership, adhere to a down-to-earth working style, and be ready to assume responsibilities. She would also think of new ways for problem solutions, development and innovation.

The conference was presided over by LAN Yitong, member of the Standing Committee and Director of the Publicity Department of CPC Guiyang Municipal Committee and attended by the leadership team and staff of the Confucius Academy.