Confucius Academy Holds
“Chanting of Classics in School-Opening Season”


On September 1, Guiyang Confucius Academy held the “Chanting of Classics in School-Opening Season”. Over 500 pupils from Guiyang City No. 4 Experimental Primary School and Jing Yang School Primary Section finished their school-opening first class in the experiences of chanting of classics, oral reading of masters, Shuo Wen Jie Zi (Word and Expressions), and traditional etiquettes.

In the etiquette square, under the guidance of the seniors of the Confucius Academy, the children completed the traditional etiquettes like Rectification of Dressing, Writing of Chinese Character Ren (People), Practice of Gratitude Ceremony, Manifestation of Aspiration by Drumming, etc. Through the ceremonies, it is declared that a new chapter is opened for the learning and growth of children. Meanwhile, the activities like performance of traditional performance, Climbing to Apricot Alter, and open day of Confucius Academy give children a vivid class to experience the sinology.

“Chanting of Classics is one of the important teaching methods for sinology class in school and also an important method for children to learn classics. The current participation in the activities of Confucius Academy with a combination of chanting and cultural experiences brought about a vivid and significant class of sinology for students and teachers.” SHI Xiangjian, Sinology Teacher of Jing Yang School, told reporter.