SUO Xiaoxia, Director of Confucius Academy, Exclusively Interviewed by Colorful Guizhou Internet


SUO Xiaoxia, Director of Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy, exclusively interviewed by Colorful Guizhou Internet, introduces that Confucius Academy has held 633 public lectures on traditional cultures since opened on January 1, 2013, implemented activities for such traditional festivals as Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and creatively revived the traditional etiquettes like the First Writing Ceremony, Coming-of-age Ceremony, Chinese Wedding Ceremony, Respect-the-Elderly Ceremony, etc. The Academy is commuting the essences of excellent traditional cultures to the broad masses, carrying forward traditional Chinese virtues by creating the cultural experience brands like Xi Shan Ta Ge Xing (A Music Trip in Xishan, Xi Shan Han Ji (Calligraphy and Painting Trace in Xishan), original historical drama Ci Xin Guang Ming (This Heart Longing for Brightness) and the traditional Chinese music work Yue Ya· Zheng Jie (Right Understanding on Elegance of Traditional Chinese Music) and other art works, and integrating the resources of traditional cultures for a delivery to social communities, schools, special groups. The aforesaid has been widely popularized by the masses.

In terms of cultural studies, since the “International Institute for Chinese Culture” opened on April 8, 2015, the Academy has officially signed contract for stationing with nearly 30 well-known higher educational institutes and academic organizations at home and abroad, successively established four platforms including Confucius Academy Higher Research Institute, “Yangming Theory and Contemporary Social Mentality” Research Institute, high-end assignment bid invitation and result distribution, and academic interconnection. It aims to integrate well-known sinologists at home and abroad, and implement various study activities centering on Chinese ethnic civilization and etiquette projects, creative transformation projects of traditional Chinese virtues and other similar study activities, so as to build up output highlands for academic research outcome.

SUO Xiaoxia indicates, Guiyang Confucius Academy has become a cultural platform simultaneously over the past five years, emphasizing connotation and inclusiveness, high-end and ordinary charm, and embracing the world despite its location in established in Guizhou. In the future under the guidelines of Xi Jinping’s Socialist Ideology with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era, the Academy will serve for a broader and more effective public education with first-rate, high-end academic studies with perseverance on the combination of culture inheritance and culture development and the combination of culture courses and culture industries. By emphasis on “Yangming Culture” with Guizhou characteristics and focus on “New Six Arts” education based on the idea of openness, the Academy stresses on confluent, sustainable development path; by converging domestic and foreign high-end cultural and academic resources, integrating with social resources inside and outside of Guizhou Province, and involving in education, communication, studies and experience, the Academy strives to develop itself into a domestic first-rate highland of excellent traditional Chinese cultures with worldwide influence.