The “Little Successor of New Six Arts” Come Into Being


On August 30, the Guiyang Confucius Academy held the First Children’s Competition of Traditional Chinese Folk Music Instruments “Searching for Little Successor of New Six Arts” and Recital. Through fierce competition, 13 contestants and three Chinese orchestras respectively won the titles of champion, second-place and third place in the Toddler Group, Kids Group and Teenage Group. In the meantime, they were conferred upon with the title of “Little Successor of New Six Arts”.

In the last three months, 3,099 minor players in total have participated in the competition of multiple types including “Chinese wind music instruments”, “Chinese plucked instruments”, and “Chinese music band” in groups of toddler, kids, and teenagers. Through audition, semi-final, and final, the title-winners of Champion, Second-place, and Third-place and several of “Award of Excellence” and “Best Popularity Award” have come into being finally.

In the evening, the domestic female Chinese music band -the Girls Crystal Band also attended with their works in the “A Music Trip in Xishan” Chinese music show, assisting the recital of “Little Successor of New Six Arts”, and brought a feast for the fans of Chinese music.