Children’s Art Exhibition Opened at Art Hall of Confucius Academy


On September 8, a children’s art exhibition, themed as “A Distinctive and Proud Art Student” and hosted by Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy, opened at Art Hall of Confucius Academy. Little artists from Arts’ School, a cultural and art training school, brought more than 160 works and presented a world of the wildest fantasies, of naivety and of fun to the public.

Children expressed what they saw, heard and thought in various forms including oil painting, prints sketches and sculptures. Bold colors and unique styles amazed and stunned adult visitors. “I paid a special visit to the exhibition. I feel so happy for my daughter who also participated in it. In fact, learning art not only is beneficial for children to develop themselves, but also brings more fun and common topics for parents and their children,” said LI Shoubing, a parent of one of the exhibition participants.

Many artists from Guizhou were also invited to visit the exhibition. CAO Qiongde, Director of Guiyang Academy of Painting and a well-known print artist, commented that this exhibition fully demonstrated children’s imagination and creativity. Therefore, in the early days of art education, instead of teaching techniques, it is better to develop children’s ability of observation, inspire their imagination, and guide them to express themselves more freely.

It’s learned that the exhibition will last for one month until October 8, and citizens are welcomed to pay a visit to the Art Hall of Confucius Academy.