Exhibition of LIANG Shuming’s Life Stories Opened at Confucius Academy

On September 8, Has Man a Future: Exhibition of LIANG Shuming’s Life Stories opened at Confucius Academy. More than one hundred precious photos recording important moments in Liang’s life and some of Liang’s works are exhibited. It is the first time that his handouts for the course “History of Confucian Ideology” at Peking University in 1923 are shown. The exhibition will last until December and citizens are welcomed to pay a visit.

LIANG Shuming, a well-known Chinese thinker, philosopher, educator, social activist and one of the early representatives of modern Neo-Confucianism, is known as “the last great Confucian scholar in China.” The exhibition is divided into five parts, including “family tradition of liberalism facilitates self-study”, “research interests move from Buddhism to Confucianism”, “knowledge and action go hand in hand to develop his township”, “concerns about the destiny of his country and fellowmen and participation in political campaigns”, and “honesty and loyalty passed on to next generation and adaption to different circumstances”. His life is presented to the public through photos and texts, which comprehensively demonstrates that Liang devoted his life to national independence, social progress and national development in different historical periods.

During the exhibition, LIANG Qinning, Deputy Director of LIANG Shuming Research Center of China Confucius Foundation, senior researcher at Institute of Rural Construction of China of Southwestern University and LIANG Shuming’s grandson, served as the guide for visitors. “This year marks the 125th anniversary of my grandfather’s birthday and the 30th anniversary of his passing away. I hope people, especially young people, can see Mr. LIANG’s initiative for personal growth and social and national development through this exhibition. Mr. LIANG had been practicing and working hard in his whole life.”

“Mr. LIANG’s grandmother is a native of Guizhou, and Mr. LIANG has some connections with Guizhou. This exhibition presents many precious historical photos, and I feel that Mr. Liang’s image becomes more vivid. It is hoped that, through this exhibition, young people today will never forget that there were such a group of people who persistently protected Chinese traditions and fulfilled their responsibility to their motherland.” GU Jiu, Director of the Guizhou Provincial Research Institute of Culture and History, said after the exhibition.

The exhibition is jointly hosted by Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy, Peking University Archives, History Museum of Peking University and LIANG Shuming Research Center of China Confucius Foundation. On the opening day, a forum themed as “Has Man a Future: On Patriotism of LIANG Ji and LIANG Shuming” was held. On September 9, LIANG Qinning will deliver a public lecture titled “A Universe between the Lines: Stories behind LIANG Shuming’s Letters”.

At the forum, American sinologist Guy Salvatore Alitto, GU Jiu, LIANG Qinning, and WANG Birong, editor-in-chief of the foreign versions of the official website of National Museum of China, shared their stories with LIANG Shuming years ago and their reflections.