First Writing Ceremony Held in Primary School by Confucius Academy


On September 5, 2018, Guiyang Confucius Academy’ First Writing Ceremony themed as “Enlightenment for A New Life” was held at Primary School Affiliated to Guizhou Normal University in Guian (hereinafter referred to as the Primary School). Three hundred and forty new pupils moved towards a new stage of learning and growth after the “first writing for enlightenment”. Thousands of teachers, students and parents attended the ceremony.

During the ceremony, SUO Xiaoxia, Director of the Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy, presented the Primary School with a statue of Confucius customized for the event. HUANG Meifang, Principal of the Primary School, accepted the special gift. Subsequently, 340 new first-graders finished traditional etiquettes such as “dressing properly”, “bowing to parents to express gratitude to them”, “giving a red dot on pupil’s forehead to open the wisdom source” and “writing the Chinese character ‘人’ (‘ren’ which means ‘person’)”, completing the first important ceremony in their life.

SUO said that the four ceremonies of Confucius Academy (First Writing Ceremony, Coming-of-age Ceremony, Respecting the Elderly Ceremony and Wedding Ceremony) are traditional Chinese cultural ceremonies that are advocated, planned and executed by the Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy. Based on extraction and refinement of splendid traditional Chinese culture, these ceremonies are designed to advocate excellent traditions and culture, practice the core values ??of socialism, and spread the aim of Guizhou’s humanistic spirit of “nature and man in one, and knowledge and action in one” through ritual cultural events to inherit Chinese culture of etiquettes.