The 6th Knowledge-Action Forum held at Confucius Academy


On September 15, the 6th Knowledge-Action Forum and the International Conference on “Modern Transformation of East-Asian Confucianism” and “Wang Yangming’s Philosophy and Regional Cultural Construction “was held at Confucius Academy. XU Qi, Executive Chairman of the Academic Committee of Confucius Academy, LU Baoping, Secretary of the Party Committee of Guiyang University, SUO Xiaoxia, Director and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy, TIAN Jingcheng, Director of Division of Publishing of Department of Social Sciences of Ministry of Education, ZHANG Xinmin, President of Association for Confucianism Studies of Guizhou Province, LI Chenggui, Executive Vice President of Confucianism Studies Association of Jiangsu Province, KIM Se-Jung, President of Confucianism Research Institute, Chungnam National University and JEONG Won-Cheol, President of Siheung Cultural Institution attended and addressed the opening ceremony of the forum. ZHAO Pinglue, President of Yangming Studies and Guizhou Historical Studies Research Institute under Guiyang University, presided over the opening ceremony.

Nearly100 experts and scholars from more than 50 universities, research institutions and publishing houses of China, South Korea, Germany, Vietnam and other countries and regions participated in the conference, and exchanged ideas on topics of studies of Wang Yangming’s philosophy, Yangming studies and regional cultural studies, overseas Yangming studies, and studies of contemporary value of Yangming studies.