Play of Ci Xin Guang Ming (This Heart
Longing for Brightness) Staged at Confucius Academy


On September 16, the original historical play Ci Xin Guang Ming (This Heart Longing for Brightness), sponsored by the Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy, Guizhou Provincial Department of Culture and Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and created by Guizhou Repertory Theatre and Zhejiang Repertory Theatre, was performed at Confucius Academy. The play will run 10 performances this year, and this is the sixth performance.

Ci Xin Guang Ming (This Heart Longing for Brightness), created by well-known scriptwriter LI Baoqun and director GONG Xiaodong, tells the story of the remarkable Confucian scholar WANG Yangming, who had a lot of ups and downs in his life, studying Confucianism, pursuing enlightenment, escaping death, and finally developing his own philosophy that advocates mind principle, the unity of knowledge and action, and extension of innate knowledge. Using narration as a technique, the play combines various elements together such as Chinese opera, classical folk music, modern dance and national culture.

Almost all seats in the 900-seat Yangming Lecture Hall were occupied. Experts and scholars in Yangming studies, who attended the 6th Knowledge-Action Forum, also came to appreciate the performance.

The play was successfully premiered on May 24th, 2017. It has run nearly 100 performances in Beijing, Zhejiang, Xi’an, colleges and universities in Guizhou and communities of Guiyang. It aims to inherit Yangming culture by theater art of the new era.