First Rule of Virtue and Rule of Law Education Base for Juveniles will be Built at Confucius Academy


On September 21, Guizhou Provincial People’s Procuratorate, Special Group for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency of the Comprehensive Management Committee of Guizhou Province, Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy, People’s Procuratorate of Guiyang City and People’s Procuratorate of Huaxi District of Guiyang signed a cooperation agreement to jointly build “Guizhou Rule of Virtue and Rule of Law Education Base for Juveniles”. This means that China’s first Rule of Virtue and Rule of Law Education Base for Juveniles at provincial level will be completed at Guiyang Confucius Academy.

The education base will make full advantages of Guiyang Confucius Academy in traditional culture resources, communication platforms and educational approaches and of procuratorial organs ‘rule of law resources, talents and experience in popularizing-law education, so as to achieve synergy in scaling up Guizhou Province’s efforts in rule of virtue and rule of law education by means of lectures, observations and experiences. Young people are expected to improve their ethics and enhance their consciousness of rule of law and self-protection, i.e. knowing the law, obeying the law and handling affairs in accordance with the law. In this way, the juvenile delinquency will be effectively prevented and reduced, and social harmony and stability maintained.

On the day of agreement signing, Professor SONG Yinghui, Member of Expert Consultative Committee of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, and Director of Committee of Juvenile Justice of Research Institute of Criminal Procedure Law, SUN Zhaoxia, Deputy Director of the First Division of Office of Procuratorial Work for Juveniles of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, and DENG Delu, Member of the Special Committee of Guizhou Provincial People’s Procuratorate visited Confucius Academy to conduct a field research of the forthcoming “Guizhou Rule of Virtue and Rule of Law Education Base for Juveniles”. They were accompanied by SUO Xiaoxia, Director of the Cultural Communication Center of Confucius Academy.

Professor SONG Yinghui pointed out that there were many opportunities and challenges for the publicity and education of rule of law for juveniles in the new era. To build a platform of rule of law education for juveniles and create a sound atmosphere of the culture of rule of law, we could not merely rely on one side, instead, joint efforts of many social forces were required. Establishment of the education base was a convincing practice of Guizhou to mobilize its social forces, give full play to its cultural resources and innovate ways of publicity and education for juveniles.

DENG Delu commented that establishment of the education base at Confucius Academy enriched the content and form of education of rule of law for juveniles, and promoted the integration and development of rule of law education and rule of virtue education. By utilizing Confucius Academy’s resources in sinology and its platform, we should build a nationally reputed rule of virtue and rule of law education base for juveniles with characteristics of Guizhou.

SUO Xiaoxia said that Guiyang Confucius Academy was committed to carrying forward and inheriting excellent traditional Chinese culture and developing and practicing socialist core values. After completion of the base, Confucius Academy would explore “laws and discipline rites” in traditional culture and then integrate modern education of rule of law into the inheritance of traditional culture under the guidance of the policy of “creative transformation and innovative development”. By combining laws with morality together could we achieve integration and development of modern rule of law and traditional cultures.