Concert of ZHAO Jiping’s Works Held at Confucius Academy


On the evening of September 28, the “Concert of ZHAO Jiping’s Works” was staged at Yangming Lecture Hall of Confucius Academy, gathering such artists as ZHANG Lie, National First-Grade Conduct and outstanding conduct of Chinese national orchestral music, SHEN Cheng, well-known Huqin performer and professor of China Conservatory of Music, and ZHANG Ningjia, famous soprano and professor of the Department of Vocal Music of Xi’an Conservatory of Music, FAN Cong, Head of the Wind Music Section in Shaanxi Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra, REN Jie, a youth Erhu performer teaching at the Academy of Music of Guizhou University. The artists performed with joint efforts the classics of ZHAO Jiping, who is a “Leading Authority of Chinese Music”, presenting a grand feast of music for audiences.

The seven works pieced together the rhyme of traditional Chinese musical instruments including Huqin, Pipa, Konghou (an ancient plucked stringed instrument) and Suona horn (a woodwind instrument) have vividly presented the charm of Chinese folk music and activated reminiscence of many audiences as well.

At the end of the concert, Mr. ZHAO Jiping stepped on the stage in person to interact with audiences. Nearly a thousand at the scene gave warm applause to the over 70-year-old artist who has spent more than 50 years on music creation. Mr. ZHAO expressed his original intention of creation and said that only through striking root in the national context, taking in traditions and learning from the outside can excellent works be created. He also said, through the visit to Confucius Academy, he has been greatly impressed about the affection of Guizhou people on traditional cultures and national music, so he is looking forward to the next trip in Guizhou for folk music collection.