Second Guizhou Go Invitational Tournament of “Confucius Academy Cup”


On September 30, the Second Guizhou Go Invitational Tournament of “Confucius Academy Cup” hosted by Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy was wrapped up. Forty amateurs with the highest level from varied places of Guizhou Province have experienced a three-day fierce competition, settling their respective score and ranking finally. WANG Xue, a player from Guiyang, won the championship of this tournament, while ZHANG Heyuan, another player from Guiyang, ranked the runner-up.

Besides the brilliant main games, over a hundred children and teenagers also participated in the youth games of this tournament, 20 senior go players experienced the Happy Go activity, and another 20 go fans attended the Guishan Fushui (Prosperous Mountain and River) Challenge Competition, which included players ranging from 6-70 years old. WANG Runan, former President of China Qiyuan(Board and Card Games Administrative Center of General Administration of Sports of China) and former Chairman of Chinese Go Association, paid a special visit to the tournament and made a public lecture on Succession of Go Culture. Professional players presented detailed interpretation on the final on the scene, and a series of experience events on go culture were held, attracting the attention of multitudes of go fans and ordinary citizens.