BIAN Liunian Erhu Concert Held at Confucius Academy


On the evening of October 5, “Beautiful Night & Reminiscence of the Past Erhu Concert”, one of the series of activities of Music Trip in Xishan, was staged at Yangming Lecture Hall of Confucius Academy. BIAN Liunian, National First-Grade Composer and concert performer, along with such youth concert performers as LIU Yifu and CAI Jingdi, presented a distinctive Erhu special performance on the scene, and brought the lecture on Tell China’s Story through Music on October 6 for a close exchange with audiences.

Erhu Concert

On the concert, BIAN Liunian has adopted the method of “Performance +Storytelling”, alternating the creational background of music works and music performance. By three erhusin different times, he made brilliant performance on the nostalgia and vicissitudes of Chinese national music and livelihood of Xinjiang Uygur Region by such works as Liang Xiao (Beautiful Night), Lian Hua (Lotus), Zhan Ma Ben Teng(Battle Steeds Galloping Ahead)and Tu Lu Fan De Gu Niang (Turpan Girl).

“I have to tell my story behind creation from the first-person perspective”, BIAN Liunian, as a master composer and concert performer, cherished his own orientation towards the design of performance, “in such a way, it is vivid and natural; more importantly, it is rather genial”. He said, “I will not interact with audiences as an actor, but exchange with them and share the music time as friends”. That is the voice from the innermost heart of the master, and also from his rich performing experience in past years.

Lecture on Music

In the lecture on October 6, BIAN Liunian delivered the lecture Tell China’s Story through Music based on his own life experience, and shared his creation experiences centering on “cultural confidence, national confidence and music patriotism” respectively, offering enlightenment to audiences. It’s learned from BIAN Liunian that Beijing Olympic Games marks a major turn in his life. “My ideas, behavior and deeds have thoroughly changed”, he expressed, “since the Olympic Games, I’m not striving merely for myself, but for shouldering the mission and responsibility to praise our country by music, represent China to visit foreign countries by music, and allow others to pay tribute to China.” He regards himself as a practitioner of music patriotism and a bridge for cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.