Confucian Cuisine Culture Presented at Confucius Academy


On October 22, 2018 China (Guiyang) Confucius Cuisine Culture Festival and Confucian Cuisine Competition opened at Guiyang Confucius Academy. Confucius gastronomy is regarded as the “top cuisine of China” that originated from Shandong, the hometown of Confucius, and delicacies of Guizhou cuisine provide citizens opportunities to experience traditional Chinese fare. The event will last for three months, and citizens are welcome to attend it at Dacheng Hotel of Guiyang Confucius Academy.

Confucian fare, tracing back to years during the reign of Emperor Renzong of Song (1038AD-1040AD), has a history of nearly one thousand years. It is one of the most famous Chinese aristocrat cuisines. It presents the best of traditional Chinese cookery as well as an important part of the protocol routine advocated by Duke Yansheng’s family, descendants of Confucius known as “the Top Family in China”. It is a unique and precious cultural heritage of the history of Chinese cooking culture and even the word food culture. It has been listed as a national intangible cultural heritage.

The event, themed as “Enjoy Authentic Confucian Fare in Guizhou”, is hosted by Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy, Chinese Alliance for Inheritance and Development of Confucian Cuisine and Shandong Cuisine Association. It is the first time that Confucius Cuisine Culture Festival is held outside Shandong Province to promote exchanges of cuisine culture as well as traditional Chinese cuisine culture. Nine chefs from Shandong and Guizhou participated in the competition which selected Master of Confucian Cuisine, Excellent Chef of Confucius Cuisine and Top Ten Tea Food of Confucius Cuisine. At the meantime, a food forum invited experts to explore how to inherit and innovate traditional Chinese food culture such as Confucian cuisine and Guizhou cuisine.

Professor XU Qi, Honorary Chairman of Guizhou Provincial Literature Federation, Executive Chairman of Confucius Academy Academic Board, President of Guizhou Association of Philosophy, said that food culture constitutes a significant part of traditional Chinese culture as well as production and living practices of Chinese people. It is a epitome of the unique dietary concepts, aesthetic experience and emotional activities of the Chinese nation. The event, through collision and exchanges between Confucian cuisine and Guizhou cuisine, demonstrated the diversity and inclusiveness of traditional Chinese food culture, and allowed more people to learn more about traditional culture implied in their daily diet.

At the opening ceremony, Chinese Alliance for Inheritance and Development of Confucian Cuisine awarded Dacheng Hotel of Guiyang Confucius Academy a certificate of “Member of Chinese Alliance for Inheritance and Development of Confucian Cuisine” to recognize its contributions to the promotion of Confucian culture and inheritance of Confucian cuisine in recent years.