Forum on Wang Yangming’s Philosophy and Spirit of Guizhou in the New Era Held in Xiuwen County


On October 25, the forum on Wang Yangming’s Philosophy and Spirit of Guizhou in the New Era was held in Xiuwen County. Ye Xiaowen, Deputy Director of the Cultural, History and Learning Committee of CPPCC, presided over the forum.

Focusing on the two major topics of “Wang Yangming’s Philosophy” and “Spirit of Guizhou in the New Era”, experts and scholars put forward their opinions.

XU Qi, Executive Chairman of Guiyang Confucius Academy Academic Board and President of Guizhou Association of Philosophy said that the correct path to achieve the spirit of Guizhou in the new era requires the unity of knowledge and action. The philosophy of “knowledge and action in one” is the core of Guizhou spirit in the new era. Guizhou people today should inherit and carry forward the spiritual legacy left by Wang Yangming.

Professor QIAN Gengsen from the Department of Philosophy at Anhui University noted that Wang Yangming believes that everyone is the same, born to be good and have conscience. Even though ordinary people may not be selfless, as long as they learn his philosophy that advocates the extension of innate knowledge, they can regain conscience; as long as they adhere to conscience wherever they are or whatever they do, they can find principle in everything. In this way, they can attain the quality of a sage. If all people do so, there will be a considerable number of sages who are not rare in the society.

XU Jing, Executive vice Minister of the Publicity Department of CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee, said that the spirit of Guizhou in the new era stems from excellent traditional Chinese culture. Two important moments undoubtedly witnessed its development. In addition, its promotion implies that we must carry forward the Chinese spirit to realize the Chinese dream, and it can never be achieved without the unity of knowledge and action.

QIAN Ming, Director of International Research Center of Wang Yangming Culture in Zhejiang, believed that Guizhou features three memes from red culture, ethnic minorities and WANG Yangming’s philosophy. In the past two decades, Guizhou has organized many activities about WANG Yangming’s philosophy, ranking the first nationwide. Xiuwen County has successfully held five sessions of Yangming Cultural Festival, and every each has new highlights and has yielded good results, representing the strong concept of “the unity of knowledge and action” that is imbedded in Guizhou’s humanistic spirit and Guiyang’s spirit.