Confucius Academy Held Respecting the Elderly Ceremony for Double Ninth Festival


On October 17, “Respecting the Elderly, Showing Filial Piety and Enjoying Chrysanthemum in the Garden Party: 2018 Respecting the Elderly Ceremony of ‘Our Festival? Double Nine Festival’ of Confucius Academy” co-organized by the Publicity Department of CPC Guiyang Municipal Committee, Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy and Office of Spiritual Civilization Construction of Guiyang, was grandly held at the Etiquette Square of Confucius Academy. Eighteen model families were invited to the event to take the lead in the inheritance of traditional Chinese filial piety and spread the excellent Chinese family traditions.

The old people were seated in the hall and received chrysanthemum tea, Double-Ninth cakes and letters from their children, setting an example of the inheritance of Chinese filial piety. Among them, some representatives shared their stories about family traditions, which moved everyone present in the warm and peaceful atmosphere.

Besides storytelling, activities of Respecting the Elderly Ceremony also included performances, prayers, enjoying chrysanthemum tea and Double-Ninth cakes. “Today’s ceremony is so touching. As we become old, we want to celebrate and enjoy our own festival on every Double Ninth Festival. Thanks to Confucius Academy for inviting us to such meaningful activities,” said Ms. Zhong, a local citizen.