2018 “Cultural Journey through Action-Knowledge Guizhou of Confucius Academy”in Nanjing


From October 16 to 18, the 2018 “Cultural Journey through Action-Knowledge Guizhou of Confucius Academy”, organized by Guizhou Provincial Department of Culture, Guizhou Provincial Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, Cultural Communication Center and Development Foundation of Guiyang Confucius Academy, kicked off in the city outside Guizhou for the first time with the traditional Chinese culture. The event was held in Nanjing, which used to be the capital of six ancient dynasties.

As the event coincided with the Double-Ninth Festival, Respecting the Elderly Ceremony was also held at Guiyang Confucius Academy and Nanjing Cultural Center closely tied together by the culture despite the long distance. At the First Writing Ceremony, more than 40 children were giving a red dot on their forehead to open the source of wisdom and learning to write the Chinese character “人” (“ren” which means “person”). In the experience area of folk game, archery, Cuju (football in ancient times) and pitch-pot inspired local citizens’ interests in traditional Chinese culture. Exhibitions and performances of intangible cultural heritage, including Guizhou Folk Culture Corridor, written language of Shui nationality, and Golden Pheasant Dance of the Miao nationality unfolded the culture of Guizhou. At Baiyunting Culture and Art Center, Wang Yueqing, Professor of the Deportment of Philosophy at Nanjing University, delivered a lecture on the gentleman culture in China, which also attracted a large number of audiences. Xu Zhihan, a student from Yincheng Bilingual Kindergarten Affiliated to Nanjing Changjiang Road Primary School, said that “Han Chinese Clothing is so cool. I will also bring those ancient games back to my school and share with my friends.”

The highlight of the event in Nanjing lies in the Action-Knowledge Guizhou delegation constituted by social media influencers from Guiyang and Nanjing who shared their visits to Confucius Temple, Wuyi Lane, East Zhonghua Gate and other cultural landmarks in Nanjing through live streaming and Douyin app. Ranking List of Guizhou Headline, a regional social media influencer on Sina Weibo, garnered 1.72 million viewers in total and 172,000 concurrent viewers at one point. Guizhou Traffic Radio FM95.2 connected for six times and reached more than 100,000 listeners. More than 20 mainstream media such as Jiangsu TV Station, Jiangsu Traffic Radio FM101.1, Nanjing Daily, sina.com, gog.cn, Guizhou Hotspot and Hello Guiyang also reported the event. Millions of netizens witnessed this cultural journey from Guizhou to Nanjing, appreciated culture of Guizhou, and shared the cultural outcome of Guizhou.