Impassioned Folk Music and Jazz Performed at Confucius Academy


On November 4, “Winter Overture Concert”, one of the series of activities of Music Trip in Xishan featuring a combination of Chinese and western musical instruments as well as Chinese folk music and western jazz, was staged at Confucius Academy. Tien Square, a music band composed of eight artists, including KONG Hongwei, well-known jazz pianist and composer, FENG Mantian, famous musician and creator of unique techniques and style of ruan (a Chinese plucked stringed instrument) playing, DING Xiaokui, Chinese flute performer of China National Traditional Orchestra, and LI Gaoyang, top Chinese jazz saxophonist, presented audience from Guiyang a night of impassioned folk music and jazz.

“I didn’t expect that the fusion between the elements of Chinese and western music would be so perfect.” Many audiences commented. It is not an easy task to harmonize music with different attributes.

Tien Square was founded in 1996 by KONG Hongwei, a pioneer in the fusion of Chinese folk music and jazz, well-known jazz pianist and composer. Its members are top musicians, composers, and performers in China. Based on its concepts of national characteristics and fusion, it produces music of various styles which features the combination of modern western music and Chinese music elements. Its music and unique performance represent the highest level in China. Tien Square has visited the United States, Russia, Romania, Mexico, Serbia, and other countries on behalf of the Ministry of Culture of China, and caused a sensation and received high recognition internationally.