Guizhou and Beijing Music Played at Confucius Academy


On November 2, graduate students from China Conservatory of Music presented a concert themed as “Guizhou Meets Beijing” at Yangming Lecture Hall. With the passion for Chinese folk music, these students, born in the 1980s and 1990s, interpreted traditional Chinese music and paid tribute to Chinese classics in their voice.

In the concert, from folk songs in Northern China to folk songs in Southern China, from the interpretation of historical allusions to singing of love songs, from vocal music to instrumental music, performers demonstrated the diversity of Chinese folk music in their skillful and sincere performances, which won the roars of applause from the audience.

Before the concert, these young musicians also visited Kaili, Leishan and other places in Guizhou to study the life of ethnic minorities and learn their music culture. ZHANG Tiantong, the chaperon leader, guide of the concert and vice president of the Graduate School of China Conservatory of Music, said that education of Chinese folk music was now in a dilemma that young people had no rich life experience. In the class, many students learned skills and techniques but could not fully comprehend spirit and connotation in music works. The tour in Guizhou and performance at Confucius Academy allowed them to go out of the tower of ivory to connect with ordinary people and their audience and to experience what they are playing and what the essence of Chinese folk music is in a down-to-earth way.