“Cultural Journey through Action-Knowledge Guizhou of Confucius Academy”in Guangzhou


On November 17, 2018 “Cultural Journey through Action-Knowledge Guizhou of Confucius Academy” kicked off in Guangzhou, a famous historic and cultural city in China. An event package of traditional culture which is familiar to people in Guizhou was presented to citizens in Guangzhou, including lectures delivered by renowned scholars and experts, “Coming-of-age Ceremony”, “First Writing Ceremony”, the play of Epiphany Mind, little theatre shows about Chinese idioms and an exhibition of Confucius comics.

SUO Xiaoxia, Director of the Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy, presented Confucius statues to Guizhou Jingyang School at Xiuwen County, Guangdong Huangpu Vocational School of Health and Guangzhou Light Industry Technical College. She said the Cultural Journey through Action-Knowledge Guizhou was a tentative exploration. She also expressed the hope that through more cultural exchanges in the future, the traditional culture would be truly understood and put into practice by people, making it easy to understand experience, perceive and penetrate into people’s work and life.

During the opening ceremony, actors from Guizhou Repertory Theatre performed the legendary experience of Wang Yangming who was enlightened at Longchang, Guizhou, opened academies, and then educated illiterate people on the main stage at the western square of Guangdong Museum, which attracted many visitors to take pictures.

ZHANG Fengqian, Associate Professor from the Department of Philosophy of Sun Yat-Sen University gave a cultural lecture on “Observing and Analyzing Speech and Behavior of Gentleman” for local students in the academic lecture hall on the first floor of Guangdong Museum.

First graders of Yangcheng Huayuan Primary School in Tianhe District, Guangzhou City in Han Chinese costume carefully wrote with Chinese calligraphy brush to complete the “First Writing Ceremony”, the first significant ceremony in their life.

Besides the “Coming-of-age Ceremony” and “First Writing Ceremony” for the event in Guangzhou, students from Guizhou Jingyang School and Guangdong Huangpu Vocational School of Health also brought cultural performances based on Disciple Gauge to carry forward traditional Chinese etiquette, which also marked a highlight of the event.