“Coming-of-age Ceremony”of Confucius Academy Held at Guiyang Nursing Vocational College


On November 15, “Coming-of-age Ceremony” of Confucius Academy was held at Guiyang Nursing Vocational College. A total of 580 freshmen started their adulthood in a solemn ceremony and took an oath to protect people’s lives and health.

At the ceremony, the 18-year-old students of the post-2000s generation, completed the passage from childhood to adulthood after accepting teachings of the elderly, singing the Song of Conducts, being presented with the stamp of adulthood, and making a salute to give thanks. XU Qi, Honorary Chairman of Guizhou Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Executive Chairman of the Academic Committee of Confucius Academy and President of Guizhou Philosophical Society, delivered a lecture themed with “On Happy Life with Young Students” to encourage them to make the right choices along the river of life and assume their responsibilities.