Confucius Academy Held a Symposium with International Confucian Association


Recently, XU Qi, Executive Chairman of the Academic Committee of Confucius Academy and SUO Xiaoxia, Director and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy paid a visit to TENG Wensheng, President of the International Confucian Association (ICA) in Beijing, and exchanged views on further deepening cooperation between the two sides. ZHANG Xiping, ICA Vice President and Dean of Academy of Comparative Civilizations and Intercultural Communication of the Beijing Foreign Studies University and NIU Xiping, ICA Secretary-General attended the symposium.

TENG pointed out that in recent years, ICA has been focusing on promoting the “going globally” of Chinese culture and sharing stories to promote excellent Chinese cultures of communication and mutual exchanges between different civilizations through extensive international cultural exchanges, organization of international academic conferences, as well as compilation and publication of academic works. Within the mere six years since its reception, Confucius Academy has made remarkable achievements in the research and dissemination of excellent traditional Chinese cultures and foreign exchanges. He expressed the hope that ICA would continue its in-depth cooperation with Confucius Academy in academic research, training for talents and publication of Chinese cultural works to enhance influence of Chinese cultures.

XU noted that under the leadership of the fifth congress by President TENG Wensheng, ICA had made tremendous contributions to the promotion of Chinese cultures, international friendly exchanges and cultural exchanges and cooperation with the purpose of pushing for human freedom and equality, peaceful development and lasting prosperity of the world. Aimed at “building a highland for yielding academic and research outcomes on excellent traditional Chinese cultures”, International Center for Chinese Culture Studies of Confucius Academy has conducted researches and academic exchanges and organized the bidding on research programs for stronger academic foundation and its own characteristics with support and guidance of ICA. He hoped that Confucius Academy would continue to strengthen cooperation with ICA and become an important platform of the latter, contributing to the initiation of a new stage of Chinese cultures ‘development.

ICA Vice President ZHANG Xiping and Secretary General NIU Xiping put forward ideas and suggestions on the cooperation between the two sides on academic forums, education and training programs, academic dissemination, foreign exchanges, translation and publication of Chinese classics. SUO proposed specific steps on how Confucius Academy should play its advantages to build a platform for cooperation and hoped that the two sides would complement each other for cooperative development, thus jointly promoting the research, dissemination, popularization and application of excellent traditional Chinese cultures.