“Cultural Journey through Action-Knowledge Guizhou of Confucius Academy”Concluded in Chongqing


On December 15, 2018, “Cultural Journey through Action-Knowledge Guizhou of Confucius Academy” entered the Three Gorges Square in Shapingba District, Chongqing. Integrating inheritance, communication and public welfare, this ritual and music festival across time and space once again caught the attention from many media and citizens. In the three live broadcasts of the regional official user “Guizhou Headline”of Sina Weibo, the total number of viewers in the pre-activity and event venues was nearly four million, and the total number of simultaneous viewers reached 320,000. The event also attracted attention and reports from more than ten media outlets including Chongqing TV, Chongqing Morning Post, Chongqing Evening News, Chongqing Business Daily, Hualong.com, Dayu.com and Guizhou Traffic Radio FM95.2. Under the broad social concern, the “Action-Knowledge Guizhou” concept has gradually gained popularity by being committed to inheriting and reviving the traditional Chinese culture.

“Cultural Journey through Action-Knowledge Guizhou of Confucius Academy” was hosted by Guizhou Provincial Culture and Tourism Department, Guizhou Provincial Radio and Television Bureau, Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy and Confucius Academy Development Foundation, co-organized by Guizhou Maotai Distillery (Group) Xijiu Co., Ltd. and Guizhou Broadcasting & TV Information Network Co., Ltd. The journey has covered many places, such as Zunyi, Duyun, Kaili, Renhuai, Yunyan District, Anshun and Xingyi since 2016. This year, “Action-Knowledge Guizhou” journey went out for the first time. After entering Nanjing and Guangzhou, this cultural event temporarily concluded in the Three Gorges Square in Shapingba District of Chongqing. Next year, we will continue to sail and start a new journey with the responsibilities of carrying forward the tradition and inheriting culture!