2018“Benevolence in Guizhou” of Confucius Academy Successfully Concluded


On December 22, 2018, at the time of the Winter Solstice Festival, “Benevolence in Guizhou” of Confucius Academy—charity event to spread traditional culture in schools—ushered the closing day. This four-month “benevolence journal” brought traditional culture into six migrant children schools, and more than 3,600 migrant workers felt the warmth and positive energy of traditional culture.

“That all things are one and the world is a big family is an important ideological wisdom of traditional Chinese culture. The Chinese character “二” (meaning two in English) included in the word “仁” (benevolence) means to jump out of the self and to understand others with sympathy. On the closing day of the event, Professor Gu Jiu, Former Curator of the Guizhou Province Literature and History Study Center and President of the Guizhou Ceramic Research Association, gave a lecture on teachers’ morality training to teachers of the six schools and other private schools in Guizhou. He pointed out that “a healthy and strong society should pay more attention to and protect vulnerable groups and special groups.”

This year, with the multi-support environment, Confucius Academy launched the charity activity “Benevolence in Guizhou” to spread traditional culture. This event held the spirit of “benevolence” as the connotation, focusing on a wider group of the province, especially for special groups. It was divided into two sections: entering prisons and entering schools. The “entering schools” activity mainly aimed at the children of migrant workers, and the “entering prisons” activity at prisoners. The activity kicked off in August and covered nine prisons in the city to deliver traditional cultural lectures for prisoners and brought the spiritual baptism of traditional culture to more than 6,000 prisoners.

Suo Xiaoxia, Director of the Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy, said that we should protect the cultural rights and interests of special groups of society to enable a wider social group to share social and cultural achievements so that we can stimulate creativity and vitality of Chinese culture and build a cultural community. The charity activity “Benevolence in Guizhou” of Confucius Academy will be continued to spread traditional Chinese culture. Focus will be put on more groups, and more accessible and popular traditional cultural activities will be launched to shed the light of culture to more people, and benefit them substantially.