“Stories of Art at Xiangbaoshan Compound”Exhibition at Guiyang Confucius Academy


On January 5, “Xi Shan Han Ji” painting and calligraphy exhibition, with the theme of “Shared Pursuit of Art” Stories of Art at Xiangbaoshan Compound opened at Guiyang Confucius Academy to review representative works created by painters and writers when they lived in Xiangbaoshan Compound from 1980 to 2003.Vintage objects and photos are also exhibited, allowing visitors to look back on years when art was flourishing and thriving in Guizhou.

“Where is Xiangbaoshan Compound?” Some people may ask. Xiangbaoshan Compound used to be home to Guiyang Painting and Calligraphy Academy. Since the 1980s, many artists and literary and art workers have lived and worked here and created a good deal of literary and artistic works here. Some of early cultural and art exhibitions of Guizhou were held at Xiangbaoshan Compound. It is not only a witness to the development of contemporary art in Guizhou but also an epitome of the development of art in the last two decades. Besides, the magazine Hua Xi was established at Xiangbaoshan Compound primitively.

“Through this exhibition, I hope that those excellent literary and artistic works will be exhibited again.” When talking about the original purpose of the exhibition, DAI Mingxian was so emotional and exclamatory. He said that artists who worked at Xiangbaoshan Compound created many enormously influential works, however, as time goes by, lots of excellent works were not exceptionally well known now. By this exhibition, he expressed the hope that excellent works would have opportunities to be shown again, and more people would see achievements Guizhou made in artistic creation, thus encouraging more literary and art workers to build on the local culture of Guizhou and create more prominent literary and artistic works.

“Days in the compound influenced my whole life.” In this exhibition, CAO Qiongde, Chairman of Guizhou Printmaking Artists Association, brought his works that were created when he lived at Xiangbaoshan Compound. The unique natural landscape of Guizhou can be seen in his works despite their abstraction.


According to ZHOU Zhijiang, Deputy Director of the Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy,it took more than three months to prepare for the exhibition which invited over 20 artists and collected over 100 pieces of calligraphy and painting and nearly 100 books. “We are very attentive in installing the exhibition and hope to reveal the warmth at the compound in those years. The expected results are achieved in the final exhibition.”