The First Guiyang Music Festival & International Orchestra Competition Opened at Confucius Academy


On February 12, the first Guiyang Music Festival & International Orchestra Competition opened at Guiyang Confucius Academy. More than 30 musicians and 400 contestants at home and abroad will participate in various events, including masters’ courses, lectures, concerts and musical instrument competitions at Confucius Academy from February 12 to 17.

At the opening ceremony, CHAI Yongxing, Vice President of Guizhou Musicians’ Association, ZHOU Zhijiang, Deputy Director of the Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy, CHEN Junjie, Executive Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Guiyang Music Festival, ZUO Jun, Director of Guiyang Music Festival and Associate Professor in violin from Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music of National University of Singapore, and Chinese-American pianist WU Yi, through dialogues in the music salon, explained reasons for holding the music festival, discussed the relationship between music and Confucian culture, and talked about the influence of classical music festivals and competitions on music of Guizhou. In the interactive session, the artists also answered questions about music from contestants.

The Festival has been the largest event in the music industry of Guizhou in recent years. By following international standards and the ideology of “creating a festival based on Guizhou, attracts nationwide attention, provides professional guidance, and encourages extensive participation”, it is committed to promoting the exchanges and communication of international art and culture, and building a bridge for more young music lovers to the palace of art.

Contestants from eight majors including flute, piano, string and brass are involved in the Competition. Musicians from such countries as China, Australia, the United States and Singapore will work as a jury to provide professional evaluations for all competitions. The oldest contestant is 30 years old while the youngest one is 18. Among all the contestant, 185 are from Guizhou. A total of 14 competitions will be held, and one winner will be selected in each competition.

ZHOU Zhijiang extended a warm welcome to musicians and contestants present at the music salon. He pointed out that Chinese people had paid great attention to the role of rites, music and education since ancient times. Music knows no borders while everything in art is connected. There are more than ten concerts at Confucius Academy every year, mostly about folk music and some about the interpretation of western classical music and contemporary pop music, which is in line with the spirit of open and inclusive Chinese culture.

CHEN Junjie, who has been living in Guizhou for seven years, said he cherished deep feelings for Guizhou though he was a native of Shanxi. This Festival attracted many domestic and foreign musicians who came to Guizhou for the first time. He hoped that the Festival would further promote Guizhou’s cultural exchanges worldwide.